How to Calmly Plan a Wedding

Most couples will admit that while they enjoy marital bliss, they didn’t enjoy the wedding preparation process. There are so many details and people to consider. It’s enough to leave anyone feeling overwhelmed for an extended period of time. Thankfully, there are ways to get through the wedding prep and actually enjoy the process. Implement these tips for a peaceful experience.


In the digital age, there’s no reason why any couple needs to focus on waiting for RSVPs in the mail. It can be a slow process to wait for people to send their confirmations in. You don’t want to deal with the pressure of caterers, florists and venue coordinators breathing down your neck for a final count. Use an online portal that allows you to send RSVPs to all of your guests through an email and instantly get confirmations as soon as they send them.

Bridal Look Details

Your bridal look is one of the most important components of the day. It’s so essential to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. Grab a few of your bridesmaids and make it a fun day date. Visit a few bridal shops or attend one major bridal convention. They tend to be a lot of fun with tons of snacks, festivities and bridal inspiration. As you visit various bridal stores in Columbus, make it a fun experience each time. Go out to eat with a friend after visiting a store. Schedule a fun date with a family member after organizing bridal details.

Date Nights

Always remember that this process is just temporary. Your marriage is forever. Make sure to spend quality time with one another. Whether you two go out for dinner and a movie, or you two walk through a park and get ice cream, spend time together. During this time, don’t talk about the wedding. Though it might seem difficult, use your date nights to connect with one another.

The wedding planning process can be an exciting and joyful time if you become intentional about it. Stay organized and implement these tips to experience the journey from a stress-free perspective.