Choose a Non-Traditional Color for Your Wedding Dress

In today’s world, there are many choices for wedding gowns. If you want something different from the traditional white, you are in luck. Many designers have embraced the non-traditional wedding dress for brides willing to break the mode. Modern brides are moving away from white in favor of soft pastels and bold colors. There are many choices when you are choosing wedding dresses in Columbus.

More Choices than Traditional Long Gowns

You can have a fairytale wedding without a long gown. There are some brides that are choosing unconventional wedding dresses as alternatives. These choices include bridal separates, tea length dresses, chic pantsuits, or floral prints for their big day. These choices are becoming popular for brides who want a second dress for the reception or want to have two different looks for the day.

Think About the Big Picture

Some brides are choosing their dresses based on the theme of the wedding. You always want to think about the theme when deciding on your dress. The last thing you want is a gown that will clash with your wedding style. So, if you are going for an outdoor rustic theme, a formal princess ball gown might seem out of place. You can go a step further and choose a dress that will match the accents of the linens on the tables.

Make a Statement

Bold patterns and large floral designs can add a contemporary touch to your dress. When you choose a non-traditional gown, you have many choices for your dress without being constrained by certain colors. You can celebrate your special day with a dress that matches your personality. Your guests will be dazzled when they see an unexpected surprise with your non-traditional gown. You should never feel that white or ivory are the only colors that can make an amazing statement on your wedding day.