Unique Wedding Dress Details to Consider

Most brides plan on wearing a white wedding dress when they’re getting ready to say, “I do,” due to the tradition of the attire when walking down the aisle. Some people may not want to stray too much from the look but still want to stand out as a bride. If you’re looking to have a unique look with your gown or draw attention to certain parts of the dress, there are a few unique details and materials to consider adding to make it your own.


Sequins are a unique detail to add and aren’t considered to be a conventional feature that is frequently seen on modern wedding gowns. Sequins are ideal to use if you want a metallic feature that adds extra glimmer to the style of the dress. Lighter colored sequins that are smaller can add a glamorous touch. Larger sequins are also an option if you want to make a statement.

Hint of Color

Although white or ivory is the primary color shade that is used in most wedding dresses, you can turn heads with a dress that has a hint of color. When shopping at bridal stores in Columbus, consider choosing a dress that is ombre and blends from white to blush or pink on the bottom of the gown. You can even add a hint of color with the bridal sash that is fastened onto the waist of the dress.

High Slit

If you want to surprise your groom with a unique detail, consider purchasing a wedding dress that has a high slit. You’ll be able to show off your legs and still feel sexy without compromising on the amount of coverage that is provided from your gown. You can even choose to show off your garter with the slit that is used. High slits are considered to be modern and aren’t something that you see in most dresses, which can look stunning and will also allow you to also show off your wedding shoes.