How Dress Accents Can Help You Celebrate Your Family Culture

Your designer wedding dress in Columbus could be the perfect opportunity to celebrate your family culture. Where you come from is a vital part to display at your wedding. It showcases a merging of people and cultures. To show off your family’s culture with pride, here are a few dress accents you should consider.

1. Your Veil Can Celebrate Your Family Culture

One of the best dress accents that you can utilize to celebrate your family culture is your veil. A tailored veil can be crafted to highlight your family crest or the colors of your family’s culture. Perhaps there’s a certain design that your family or your culture finds important. Having that design stitched onto your veil could be a great nod to your culture. It can also make your veil look entirely unique.

2. Dress Embellishments

Another method to pay homage to your culture is to use dress embellishments. These can be as simple as a bow or as extravagant and regal as a cape. With the added fabric, you can include colors, family names, designs, ancient drawings, whatever it is that your family’s culture takes pride in, and have it stitched onto those pieces of clothing.

A bow can be a beautiful part of a dress that highlights your waist as well. The cape can also act like a tapestry that tells the story of your family’s history. Unique dress embellishments are a great way to celebrate family culture.

3. Sleeves

One final way to show your family culture is to include sleeves on your dress. Besides looking grand and beautiful, sleeves can also be decorated and sewn in such a way to make them symbolic of your family’s culture. Perhaps henna is important in your culture. Your sleeves could showcase a beautiful display of henna along your arms.