Tips for Wearing Glasses With a Designer Wedding Dress

The idea that men don’t make passes at women who wear glasses is a thing of the past. Diane Keaton and Tina Fey are just two famous women who appeared on the covers of magazines with glasses perched on their noses. Why should you swap out your glasses for contact lenses that may not fit comfortably? Contacts can also dry out as you party the night away. Check out some tips that help you look stylish on your big day when you pair your glasses with a designer wedding dress.

Go Vintage or Retro

When you shop for the top wedding dress in Columbus, Ohio, consider picking out a new pair of glasses at the same time. Vintage and retro looks are quite hot with brides who want to stand out on their big days. Cats’ eyeglasses have a fun look with corners that curve up in the same way that a cat’s eye curves. You can also go with a more natural look with glasses in a unique tortoiseshell pattern.

Stand Out With Dramatic Designs

Do you want to make sure that every eye in the venue is on you? Don’t be afraid to stand out with a pair of glasses that have a dramatic design. Now is a great time to wear a pair of glasses in a bright red color. If you’re not a fan of red, look for different colors that draw attention to your face such as neon pink or forest green. You may find that glasses remind you of your big day every time you wear them.

Create a Subtle Look

As much as you need your glasses, they might make you feel a little self-conscious. You should never feel self-conscious when you stand up in front of your family and friends to declare your eternal love. Using a subtle look is easy because there are so many glasses that have clear or pale metal frames. Clear glasses blend with your face and put the focus on your designer wedding dress. You can opt for a clear pair that has a subtle color added to them such as blush pink. Metal frames in a soft or light color will also highlight your dress and makeup.

Treat Your Glasses as an Accessory

Brides who shop for designer wedding dresses often spend a lot of time and money on bridal accessories. You might wear a sparkly tiara instead of a veil or go with a veil that trails behind your dress. Other accessories can include jeweled hair clips and earrings as well as shoes. Treat your glasses as one of the top accessories you wear on your big day. Instead of wearing the same pair of glasses, you wear every day, choose a new pair with some embellishments on the frames that match the colors of your accessories.

Match Your Colors

Most weddings today use two or more colors. Blush pink is popular with some brides, but others prefer bold colors like purple and red. To make sure your glasses fit your celebration, wear a pair that matches your wedding colors. If you use black and red, feel free to wear glasses in one of those colors. You might even match the color of your glasses to the color of your shoes. Furthermore, you might opt for a more subtle variation on that color, too. Instead of wearing solid red frames, choose frames in a softer shade of red.

Try Different Makeup Looks

Waterproof makeup is a must-have for brides. You don’t want to look like a raccoon in your photos because you couldn’t hold back your tears. When you meet with a makeup artist before your big day, make sure you bring your glasses with you. You want to ensure that your makeup will stand out behind your glasses. Keep in mind that the lenses can mute some colors and even make it look like you didn’t wear any makeup. Consequently, you might need to go a little heavier on the liner and eye shadow than you thought.

Consider Casual Designer Wedding Dress and Glasses Combos

When most people think of wedding dresses, they think of elaborate ballgowns. Shoppers for wedding dresses in Columbus often prefer more casual looks today. A shift dress is a great option. These dresses have clean lines and usually stop at the knee or just above the knee. You might want one with a series of ruffles around the bottom or one that has an open neckline that reveals more cleavage. When you choose a casual look, you can get away with different types of glasses. Think about ombre glasses that use different shades of the same color or glasses that come in a soft color such as peach.

Go With Hybrid Frames

Hybrid frames are another fun option because they go with so many designer wedding dresses. Often called Wayfarer glasses, they use a combo of materials. Most use plastic or similar materials to create a piece that fits over the top of your brows. Beneath this piece is your lenses, which are usually open and don’t have a rim around the bottom. There are also glasses that have nose pieces to increase your comfort as well as lightweight metal frames that won’t weigh you down. Hybrid frames let you put focus on your dress.

Rock a Matching Look

If your future spouse also wears glasses, rock a coordinated look with matching glasses. Guests will know how much you love each other as soon as they see you walking down the aisle in your designer wedding dress with a pair of glasses that match the ones your partner wears at the altar. You don’t even need to spend a lot of time visiting local shops to find matching pairs because there are so many websites that sell glasses. Not only can you pick out matching pairs, but you can upload your doctor’s info and let the store verify your prescription. These shops offer optional features like scratch-resistant lenses, too.

Make Your Big Day Memorable

Planning your special day takes a lot of time and effort. You don’t need to spend a lot of time worrying about how to pair your glasses with your designer wedding dress or what your friends and family will think when they realize you decided against contacts. Consider some of these ideas that will help you feel comfortable and look amazing when you celebrate your memorable day while wearing glasses.