As people become increasingly environmentally conscious, so will their habits. One of the most popular areas to continue this practice is during large events such as a wedding, with green wedding decorations.

5 Natural, Reusable Wedding Decorations

There’s no doubt about it; a wedding is one of the largest events that you will ever throw in your life. Although the day is filled with great memories, the leftover may not be as pretty or environmentally friendly to the location. The following list includes five natural and reusable wedding decorations you can utilize during your big day.

Real Centerpieces for Your Wedding Decorations

One of the most wasteful wedding decorations are the table centerpieces. Sure, some people might take their centerpiece home, but they all eventually end up at the same place, the landfill. Often times centerpieces are flowers made out of plastic. This is usually done to have them ready for the reception and remove the worry that they are going to die before your wedding day. Although they are certainly convenient, they are extremely wasteful. Instead, utilize real flowers as your table centerpieces. Not only will they not take years to biodegrade, but most people would love to take fresh flowers home with them.

Wedding Dress Decorations

Perhaps one of the most common trends rising at the moment is the incorporation of family heirlooms or other types of decorations onto the wedding dress. This is a great alternative to purchasing a brand-new dress. Wearing a wedding dress worn by your mother or grandmother is a great way to not only honor them but avoid being wasteful. However, if you do want a newer dress, you may ask for a wedding dresses Columbus company to incorporate parts of other dresses into your new one.

Go Thrift Shopping

You would be amazed at how much people pay to have someone make items look old. Not only is this wasteful and expensive, but it can be easily recreated by going to a few thrift stores. Go inside with your significant other and begin to choose items that hold special meaning to you, and that can be used as wedding decorations.

Rent, Don’t Buy Linens

A common misconception about a wedding reception is that catering will provide the linens. The reality is that this is often paid for by the bride and groom. However, after your big night ends, you are stuck with linens that you may never use again. Instead, you should opt-in for renting these materials in order to avoid having to throw them away when they certainly go unused for years.

Natural Wedding Favors

You want to have people leave with something at the end of the night as a thank you for attending. However, you don’t want to give out hundreds of items that are just going to be thrown in the garbage. A great way to keep things green during and after your event is to provide natural wedding favors. This would include flower seeds for planting, soaps, or even a biodegradable thank you letter, to name a few.