How to Match Your Dress With Your Wedding Day Shoes

Paying attention to every little facet of your wedding can be both exciting and stressful. But finalizing your bridal look is not an easy thing. Even if you select the most beautiful wedding gown and the most gorgeous shoes, the two items may not make for the best outfit combination. That’s why this article will show brides how to match their dress with the perfect wedding day shoes. Then, you can start visiting bridal stores in Columbus to buy your dream bridal look.

What Wedding Day Shoes Will Best Match With Your Dress?

Your wedding shoes and your wedding dress don’t have to look exactly the same. In some circumstances, the looks of the two items can be very different from each other. For example, if you’re wearing a flashy gown, a simpler shoe can often be a good choice. The opposite could also be true with a simple dress and killer white stilettos.

If you’re the glitzy type, a little bit of bling on both your wedding gown and your wedding shoes can take you far. Those brides who are going this route should work to coordinate the two looks. For example, if you have a jeweled dress, look for rhinestone or crystal shoes. If your gown comes with pearls, you might want to match the look of your dress with beaded shoes.

Match Your Bridal Shoes With Your Wedding Theme

If your wedding has a theme, consider matching your shoes with your overall theme. For example, you can incorporate your garden wedding theme with your shoes by selecting shoes that are comfortable but still stylish. Use your wedding theme to narrow down your search for the perfect shoe. Those having a formal wedding should select formal shoes. Once you have decided what kind of shoes you want, you can then think about the best dress for your big day.

Fabrics for Shoes and Dress

You will really want to think about the fabrics of both your gown and shoes. Dresses made of a shiny material can go well with satin shoes. Gowns with a matte sheen can really go well with crepe shoes. Some materials go well together, so matching shoes and dress can be an easier affair. For example, a lace dress and lace shoes are a great combination. A lot of lace can be a good thing!