Tips for Altering an Heirloom Wedding Gown in Columbus

For many brides, the wedding revolves around the dress. If plan to wear an heirloom wedding gown, it is probably going to require some alterations so that it fits you well. Due to the age of the dress, keep in mind that it is going to need some extra care during that process.

Here are some tips to consider.

Find the Best Tailor

Safely altering this type of gown can be accomplished. You are simply going to have to find the best tailor in Columbus. There are several things to take into consideration, namely that this dress is more delicate so it requires extra care. The best tailor will understand this, and you will feel it after a consultation at their shop. You need to decide if that tailor understands what they are working with as far as age of the dress, material and adornments. Like with a designer wedding dress in Columbus, modifications to a legacy gown requires strict attention to details.

Clean and Check the Heirloom Wedding Gown

Before you drop off the gown with the tailor, give it a good look-over. You want to ensure that it is clean. If you find stains, mark them with garment tape or something that will not damage the dress. It is also a good idea to find out if anything is loose or missing. This way, you can point it out to the tailor. After the look-over, you are encouraged to get it cleaned whether it has stains or not. Be sure to point out any loose or missing things you found as well as stains.

Know What You Want

When you meet with the tailor, know what you want from the fit and any other detail. This open communication is important because you will find out what is possible and receive suggestions.