How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

As much time as you spend looking at dresses and trying on different gowns, you may not think about your shoes until later. Though you should pick shoes that will work with your wedding dress, you’ll also want to pick a pair that is stylish and comfortable.

Put Comfort First

No matter how much you love those shoes with the kitten heels or the four-inch stiletto heels, you must make sure that the pair you buy fits you like a glove. If you aren’t a fan of heels and don’t usually wear high heels, don’t pick a high pair for your wedding day. You may find yourself stumbling around like a baby deer and hoping that you don’t fall over. Some women actually prefer wearing running or athletic shoes under their dresses. Those who love Converse or any other brand can make a statement with a pair in a bright color.

Know Your Size

When they shop for wedding dresses in Columbus, brides sometimes find themselves buying shoes that are the wrong size. This often occurs because they can’t find shoes they love in person and decide to buy a pair online. Even if you wear the same size shoe from many different companies, you may need a slightly larger or smaller pair from some designers. Unless you can try the shoes on and make sure that they fit, don’t buy from online sellers. It’s often better to buy from a local shop you can trust.

Wear With Your Dress

Once you find a good pair of shoes, take the time to wear them under your dress. This helps you see if you need to hem your dress, so you don’t trip over the train, or if the dress is just a tad too short. You can also get an idea of how comfortable you’ll feel on your big day. When choosing the perfect shoes for your wedding day, make sure that they’re comfortable and work with your dress.