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To find the right wedding dress, make sure it suits your budget, your wedding location, and your own personal style.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the right wedding dress can be a challenge, but every bride deserves to look perfect on her wedding day. Whether you’re aiming for royal elegance or bohemian chic, finding the right dress is simpler than you think.

Decide on a Style

Before you even set foot in a bridal boutique, decide what kind of bride you want to be. Maybe you envision yourself in a full ball gown with your hair pinned up in a pretty chignon. Perhaps you want to walk down the aisle in a mermaid gown, your hair hanging long and loose. You might decide to go for a casual silhouette, or even a wedding day pantsuit. Settling on a style is the first step to finding your dream dress.

Consider Location and Weather

The time and location of your ceremony will have a big impact on your wedding day style. For a beach wedding held in June, a ball gown would seem fussy and out of place. If you’re getting married in December, you might need to add a chic shrug to your strapless gown. Tailoring the silhouette, style, and fabric of your dress to the weather and location is always a good idea.

Set a Budget and Start Shopping

Once you’ve decided what sort of dress you’re searching for, it’s time to begin the hunt. Set a budget, and then start investigating local bridal stores in Columbus. If you’ve already purchased any accessories, make sure to bring them along to any trips to the bridal store. Whether it’s a necklace that’s been handed down from your grandmother or the perfect veil, having them with you will give you a better sense of what you’ll look like on the big day. Never do your wedding dress shopping alone. Bring a couple friends whose sartorial opinions you trust. They’ll help steer you towards the perfect dress, and they’ll make the experience more fun.