designer wedding dress
From the neckline to the shape of the gown, these considerations will help you choose a wedding gown.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

When it comes time to shop for the wedding gown, not every dress will be perfect for you. You have to learn to say no to the wrong dresses, so you can say yes to the perfect dress. Before finding the perfect wedding dress, there’ll be a few dresses that aren’t quite right and that’s ok! Try to stay true to your style and who you are.

Settling on the Silhouette

Prior to finding the dress with the right details like tulle or chiffon, beads or pearls, you’ll need to decide on what kind of silhouette fits you. You could pick a long sheath dress, mermaid, trumpet or ball gown. First, find the silhouette that makes you feel like a beautiful bride, then you can hone in on the tiny details.

Focus on the Neckline

Whether it’s a sweetheart, asymmetric, halter or square neckline, you should find one that flatters your body. There are over a dozen styles of necklines from which you can choose when trying on your wedding dress. When thinking about the perfect neckline, decide what kind of jewelry you’d like to wear. If you have a beautiful heirloom necklace from your grandmother, make sure it fits with the neckline of the dress.

Don’t Bring an Audience

While it might be tempting to bring your mother, sister, cousin and best friend, the choice of bridal gown should be one that you make without an audience. You’ll end up with seven different opinions about the type of dress you should wear. In the end, all that matters is how you feel in the dress. Bring one trusted friend or family member, but know that the ultimate choice is up to you.

When you head to the bridal boutique armed with many of your choices already made, you’ll have a better chance of finding that dress that will bring you close to tears. Don’t be afraid to say no to the wrong dress to find the right one.