Top Wedding Dress Styles for Women Who Are Plus Sizes

More than 40 percent of American women are overweight, and choosing clothes that suit your curves can be a challenge. When you are planning to get married, you might wonder which type of wedding dress will look the best on you. Consider one of these gorgeous styles when you are trying on different wedding dresses in Columbus.


An A-line dress suits all body shapes. The skirt part of the dress starts right under the bust, creating a gradual flare to the hem of the gown. If you have more of an oval shape or apple shape to your body, an A-line dress with an empire waist is a wise choice. This style of wedding gown is also good if you prefer a more traditional or discreet style. You can find A-line dresses with all types of sleeves and necklines. If you want to draw attention away from your waist, choose one with beading or lace near the hem.


A ballgown emphasizes the shape of your waist. If you are smaller up on top and wider in your hips and bottom, a ballgown is a great option. The extra fabric in the skirt of the dress leaves your bottom half to everyone’s imagination. The slimmer fit and hand-sewn details on the bodice of the dress allows you to highlight your upper body. Ballgowns come in a full spectrum of necklines, shoulders and sleeves.

Corset Gowns

Corset gowns are another excellent choice for women who wear plus sizes. They cinch in the waist a little, creating an hourglass shape to your figure. The supportive corset pushes up your bosom, allowing you to flaunt one of your best physical features. A corset style is also great for a Renaissance or Victorian-themed wedding.