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Major Wedding Decisions: Your Maid of Honor and Wedding Dress

Two of the biggest decisions for a bride include choosing your maid of honor and shopping for wedding dresses at bridal boutiques in Columbus, Ohio. In the best-case scenario, you choose your maid of honor before you shop for your dress or the bridesmaid dresses because your maid of honor should help with these massively important decisions.

The job of maid or matron of honor comes with many such duties. While some brides-to-be might think of the maid of honor position as simply the best friend who stands next to them and handles the bouquet, that’s not the case. The honorable maid can also be a man, as in a man of honor, if your best friend happens not to share your gender.

What Does the Maid of Honor Do?

The highest position in the bride’s side of the wedding party plans and hostesses the bachelorette party and the wedding shower. This individual also helps stuff envelopes and address wedding invitations. They handle the job of shopping with the bride for wedding dresses at boutiques in Columbus and gifts for the wedding party. Besides helping the bride get ready on the big day, the maid of honor may also assist the bridesmaids in preparing. Finally, this individual signs the marriage license as a witness, requiring an adult of at least 18 years of age since the marriage license constitutes a legal contract.

Maid/Matron/Man of Honor Duties and Choosing Rightly

So, before you visit bridal stores in Columbus, consider who makes the best choice for you maid of honor. Since it goes far beyond a figurehead position, consider those to whom you remain close and who exhibit a responsible, reliable, and dependable nature. Your maid of honor needs to know how to plan a party and graciously hostess mutual close friends and those you know well, but the other individual may have just met.

Choose a supportive person who understands the importance of you and your future spouse’s big day. It helps if all the people you consider know what the job of maid of honor entails, but more importantly, you need someone who offers understanding and great problem-solving skills. If anything goes wrong, you’ll need a right-hand person who steps in to save the day.

Money Also Enters the Picture

Your maid of honor typically plans for and hosts your wedding shower and your bachelorette party. While each person attending a bachelorette shindig that goes overnight pays their own way if you only have a party, the maid of honor typically pays for it. The maid of honor also hosts a wedding shower for the bride, meaning that the individual pays for it.

These individuals also absorb the cost of their wedding attire, typically a dress and shoes, another reason for choosing this position before shopping for wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in Columbus, Ohio. Altogether, serving as the maid of honor in the US costs between $1,200 to $1,800.

Family Offers a Safe Choice

When you made numerous close friends through the years but not one clear and overarching best friend, many people might anticipate you asking them to do the honors. You can avoid hurting anyone’s feelings and make your own pre-wedding stress less considerable by asking a family member.

Your sibling, cousin, or aunt offers a safe choice that everyone will understand. You name every close female friend a bridesmaid, but mention that your family member takes the top job. The majority of people understand this completely.

You Can Name Two Maids of Honor

Perhaps you want your younger sister as your maid of honor, but you also want your best friend/former housemate/feels-like-a-sister to manage the top spot. You can have both! Name your single, never-been-married teenage sister the maid of honor and your married or divorced best friend as your matron of honor.

Choosing this option serves you well in more than one way. When you do hit the bridal boutiques searching for the ideal gown and perfect bridesmaid dress, you’ll do so with a younger, cutting-edge-minded person and someone your own age. These diverse perspectives can help you find the perfect wedding dress for you and bridesmaid dresses that your wedding party will love you for choosing.

Forgo a Maid of Honor

It’s the 21st century, and you no longer have to adhere to old-fashioned thinking or procedures. If you want to avoid naming one person above the others, choose to have only bridesmaids. You can do that. It is your wedding, after all.

If you choose this option, ask your local bridesmaids to help plan your wedding shower. They’ll essentially form a committee that assists your mother with the planning and execution of it. You and your bridesmaids would also plan the bachelorette party as a group, or they can surprise you.

Shopping for Wedding Dresses with Your Maid of Honor in Columbus

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