Incorporating Your Heritage With a Cultural Wedding Dress

There are many ways you can bring your heritage into your wedding day. In addition to using traditional music and food to highlight your culture, you can go a step further and wear a cultural dress. Here are some ideas whether you are a traditional or modern bride.

Work with a Designer

One of the options available to you regarding your cultural wedding dress is to work directly with a designer. You can have a gown custom-made and explain a specific trait you want to see in your dress. For example, if you are having a Jewish wedding, you will want to have your shoulders covered. You can discuss cultural traditions with the designer and help to design your gown’s sleeves.

Color and the Cultural Wedding Dress

Many culture traditions call for color other than white in wedding attire. This is especially true for the wedding gown. If your family is Indian or Chinese, for instance, white is a color you will want to avoid. A cultural wedding dress should be a specific color that is beyond basic white or even ivory. In those cultures, white symbolizes death. Meanwhile, red or pink is acceptable attire. Fortunately, it’s easy to find gowns in blush hues that can bring your traditional heritage to light during your big day.

Change Up the Dress

Finally, if you want to show off your cultural wedding dress, you can change it up by wearing two different ones for your wedding. You can shop for your wedding gown at one of the best bridal stores Columbus has to offer and get another that matches up with your heritage. For instance, many cultures have their own style dress for weddings such as the Korean hanbok, which consists of a shirt, jacket and wrap-around skirt. You can wear the traditional attire for your ceremony and then change into a white wedding dress for your reception and make a huge splash.

When you have a cultural wedding dress on your big day, your family will absolutely love it.