How to Find the Best Dress When Renewing Your Vows

A vow renewal is exciting and very romantic. It allows you and your spouse to celebrate and reaffirm your marriage. You can also have a lot of fun with it. One of the best ways to do that is to know how to choose the perfect wedding dress for the big day.

Choose a Completely Different Style

If your first wedding dress was a certain style, you can go with a renewal gown that is completely different. For instance, if you were married in the 1990s and had a big, poofy dress with ruffles and sleeves, you might want to go for a style that is 180 degrees removed from that. Today’s wedding dresses are more elegant than ever and can be anything from soft and romantic, sexy and daring and everything in between. The sky’s the limit, and there is a wide array of styles you can choose for renewing your vows.

Consider Color

Once upon a time, a wedding dress simply meant a gown that was white. While ivory is obviously a shade of white that isn’t quite as stark and crisp, there are many other options for color when choosing a gown. Chances are, your original wedding dress was white. If you prefer something in color this time around, there are beautiful hues you can select. Many brides choose blush, champagne and even more daring colors like red or blue. You can find plenty of beautiful, colorful dresses for your renewal at the best bridal stores Columbus has to offer.

Choose Something Traditional for your Vow Renewal

If you are more of a traditionalist, you might want to consider getting a more traditional wedding dress for your renewal ceremony. This might be a gown made of lace, with an illusion neckline, fancy back and long sleeves. Conversely, it might mean a classic satin ballgown with a matching bolero. Be sure to speak with the bridal stylist at boutiques to find the best options available to you.

No doubt, you have ideas for your renewal wedding dress. Consider the biggest priorities you want in your gown, and you will find the best one for your big day.