Back view of a beautiful black wedding gown, in Victorian style, with long, black flowing veil

Ideas for Goth-Themed Wedding Dresses

When some people think of goth, they think about the clothing they wore or saw others wear in high school. It’s not just teens who rock this look today, though. Thanks to shows like “Wednesday,” women of all ages want to show off their dark side on their big day. While black wedding dresses work with this theme, you’ll also find tons of other options that ensure all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle.

Choose Classic Black

The wedding dresses Columbus boutiques offer include many black dresses that work with your theme. Even if you can’t find a dress you love in black, you can make it black with some fabric dye. Just make sure that you choose the right type of dye for your dress’s material and that you let it soak in the dye for several hours or longer. This helps the dye soak into the fabric and give it the rich and deep black color you want. Don’t forget the right accessories like a lace choker for your neck or dangling earrings.

Add a Splash of Red

Red and black are two colors that work well together. If you worry about wearing a dress that’s solid black, consider one that adds a splash of red. You might love a lacy black dress that includes red accents on the bodice. A dress with a red pinafore underneath allows you to make an impression when you move. You’ll also find black dresses that include red lace panels or red sequins that catch the light and pull all eyes to you.

Go With Black and White

If there is one classic color combination, it’s black and white. Why settle for a dress that’s all black when you can choose one that features some white accents? Designer wedding dresses with polka dots are great for casual affairs. You don’t need to worry about tripping over your train or having someone tighten the bodice because you can wear a simple dress with polka dots that has a knee-length skirt. It’s just as easy to pick a dress with a white pinafore underneath or one that includes black and white stripes to bring out your inner Beetlejuice.

Make Blue Work for You

Blue is a nice alternative to black and a solid choice for brides who want a goth-themed wedding. Midnight blue is just as dark and dramatic as black but helps you stand out even more. You can choose a Victorian navy or midnight blue dress with tons of ruffles and other accents to highlight your feminine side. If you love fantasy books and movies, opt for a dress that has a black overlay. Usually made of lace, the overlay matches your theme and adds a special touch to your dress.

Become a Purple Goth Goddess

Another option for brides planning a goth-themed wedding is a purple wedding dress. Purple comes in so many shades that you’ll have no problem finding one that flatters your skin tone. Paler shades of purple can tone down the black decor around your venue and ensure that no one can take their eyes off you. Darker shades like royal purple work equally well. You will also find some shades of purple that are as deep and inky as black shades. While you might become a goddess in a purple dress, you can search for dresses that mix purple with black for a unique look.

Consider A-Line

A-line dresses have a classic look and never go out of style. This type of dress has a nipped-in waist with a skirt that flares out around your legs to mimic the shape of an uppercase “A.” They often have a tighter bodice too. One of the nice things about A-line designer wedding dresses is that they come in a wide range of black colors that include different accents. You might love wedding dresses that are sleeveless and have a light dusting of black sequins down the front. Other dresses have cap sleeves that offer a little more coverage.

Pick Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Finding the right wedding dress in Columbus, Ohio isn’t as hard as you might think because mermaid dresses flatter most figures. Wearing a mermaid dress can help you live out your fantasy of being a mermaid and recreate the thrill of floating in the water. This type of dress has a hem that is wider than the dress itself. The hem flares out around your lower body to mimic the look of a mermaid’s tail. Morticia Adams wore a similar dress in “The Adams Family” and also wore a mermaid dress when she appeared in the “Wednesday” Netflix series.

Look for Corset Dresses

Many brides look for corset dresses that match their goth-themed weddings. A corset dress takes you back to Victorian times and may make you feel like a vampire queen. The corset itself hugs your curves and makes the most of your figure. You can choose one with laces that your bridesmaids tighten before you walk down the aisle. Some of these dresses have the look of a corset but do not have laces. You get the look that you want but also have panels that move with your body to give you a little more freedom. Some of the more popular dresses have a corset with a big, flowy skirt.

Select a Goth Tea Dress

While some weddings are big and elaborate affairs filled with guests, others are smaller and more casual. If you want to host a casual goth wedding for your loved ones, pick a goth tea dress. The name comes from the dresses that women wore years ago during tea parties and garden parties. They often have a simple silhouette with a tight waist and cap sleeves. Most of these designer wedding dresses also end at the knee or just above the knee. You’ll find plenty of options that feature sheer or lacy panels over the top for extra coverage and others that have a belt or sash around the waste. Some tea dresses also have long sleeves or are sleeveless.

Goth Dresses for All Types of Brides

You might think that goth wedding dresses are only suitable for brides who love horror movies and collect odd things. More and more women now choose this theme because they want their weddings to stand out and become events that guests will never forget. You can choose a mermaid or an A-line dress and opt for black dresses or those that include other colors like red, purple, or blue. Make an appointment at a bridal boutique to explore the world of goth-themed wedding dresses in Columbus and find the perfect one for you.