When it comes to planning your wedding, you absolutely want everything to be perfect. This includes everything from the type of flowers you purchase to the wedding favors you will giveaway on each table. Therefore, here are five exceptional wedding giveaways  you can add to your wedding tables.

5 Great Wedding Giveaways for Your Tables

There’s no doubt about it; your wedding is going to be the wedding of the century, well at least for you. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t skimp out on going above and beyond within every aspect of your big day. One of the most common concerns for brides and grooms are the wedding giveaways. These are often placed on each table during a reception and are simply a thank you for coming item for your guests. However, you don’t want to give them something boring or useless, right? So here are five great giveaways for your wedding tables.

Tea Towels Make Great Wedding Giveaways

If you’re looking for a personalized yet affordable wedding giveaway item, then tea towels are the way to go. So, what exactly are tea towels? Everyone knows that when it comes to kitchen towels, there are the kind you use to wipe down spills and ones that you don’t touch because they are decorative, and those are the tea towels. You may hire a printing business to place a nice and romantic quote on each of them in order to give them character.

Cocktail Shakers

Want to give away something that is looked as more of a useful item? Cocktail shakers are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen cabinet and something you should seriously consider giving away at your tables. A traditional stainless steel cocktail shaker is something that is not only useful but an item that will last your guests for years.

Garden Seeds to Match Your Wedding Dress

Bridal stores in Columbus promote the ever-growing dream of finding someone to love and watching that love blossom into marriage. So it’s only appropriate for you to giveaway garden seeds as a wedding favor. These can have special messages on the boxes that express how important love is to the world and yourself. If you can, you may also choose to incorporate flowers that compliment the bride’s wedding dress. Many wedding dresses have unique floral patterns and are often topped with the scent of flowers. Recreating this in someone’s backyard is a beautiful way to thank them for being apart of your special day.

Handmade Soap Bars

Let’s face it, after partying all night at your wedding, people are going to need a shower. What better way to pamper them and help them relax than by providing handmade soap bars. You may wish to create your own out of oils, and scented wax or simply provide some orders to a small business.

Flower Buckets

After each wedding, there are going to be more flowers than you know what to do with them. So, what better way to avoid throwing away perfectly good flowers then by providing your guests the chance to take some home. Place a few small buckets on your table with a sign that informs them about what they can do with the bucket after the night has concluded.