Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

The designers have released their 2018 wedding dress trends, and there are some surprises. While many brides will still choose to go with a sheath or mermaid-style dress, the designers are predicting that many brides will opt for more unusual wedding dresses. While we always welcome you to make an appointment to come see us at our bridal salon, here is a sneak peak.

Black Accents

Many designers of 2018 bridal gowns are introducing wedding dresses with black highlights. While some dresses for brides have just a black bow either at the neck or at the waist, others are taking it to the extreme with full black ostrich-feather skirts.

Ruffles are Everywhere

Many designers have designed dresses with many layers of ruffles. Large cascading ruffles are found on wedding dresses harkening back to the 1920s, while others are adding smaller ruffles to modified A-line dresses or steth dresses. Some of these beautiful dresses have unique high-low hemlines giving the layers of ruffles a distinctive appearance.

Beautiful Blue Wedding Gowns

While pink wedding dresses have been a popular choice in 2016 and 2017, designers are giving brides the choice of wearing a blue wedding dress in 2018. Powder-blue wedding gowns may be a great option for a more formal wedding while cornflower-blue wedding dresses often look great at beach and garden weddings. Brides who are not ready to go all the way find dresses with blue underlayers with white lace overlays.

Do Not Forget the Gloves

Many 2018 brides are forsaking the expensive manicure by opting to wear gloves to their wedding. Designers are giving brides many different choices ranging from long elbow-length gloves to short options that barely come to the wrist. While many brides are expected to opt for white gloves, designers are also giving 2018 brides the option of wearing nude-colored gloves.

We welcome you to come see us when you are ready to get your 2018 wedding dress. At our bridal boutique, brides find all the latest choices along with more traditional gowns in many different lengths.