Don’t let your wedding day get ruined by easy-to-solve problems. With a few handy fixes, you can solve accidents ranging from foot pain to torn hems.

3 Tips for Solving Common Wedding Day Issues

Your hair is perfect, the guests are filing into the chapel, and it’s time for the ceremony to start. If you’re lucky, everything will go smoothly. As a bride to be, however, it’s important to plan for every eventuality. If you come armed with a well-stocked case full of fabric tape, deodorant, and makeup removal wipes, you can solve most wedding day accidents.

Foot Pain

Wedding shoes are often exquisite works of art. They can also be painful. If your shoes start to pinch halfway through the ceremony, you shouldn’t try to wear them for the entire night. Instead, swap them out for a more comfortable pair during the ceremony. If your dress is floor length, none of your guests will even notice the difference.

A Torn Dress

You’ve found the perfect designer wedding dress in Columbus, and you’ve had it tailored so that it’s perfectly fitted to your specifications. But while dancing at your reception, you tear the hem of your gown. What do you do? In this instance, the best solution is to whip out a roll of double-sided fabric tape. This can be used to stick the hem back into its proper place. If you forget to bring fabric tape, other types of tape will do in a pinch. Ask photographers or lighting professionals if they have any gaffer’s tape.


A combination of heat and anxiety can lead to unwanted perspiration. If you’re worried that your sweat glands will affect your big day, do an antiperspirant trial run before your wedding. Buy an assortment of extra-strength deodorants from your local pharmacy, and try them out while exercising. Make a note of which one works best for you, and then make sure to stash a tube in your wedding day emergency kit. If your dress has long sleeves, you can also have absorbent perspiration pads added to the lining.