What Is a Bespoke Wedding Dress?

If you want to wear a designer dress that is truly one of a kind when you walk down the aisle, a bespoke dress could be the answer. You’ll create the dress from start to finish along with professional designers who will help you look your best on your special day. If you’re searching for wedding dresses in Columbus, Ohio, a bespoke dress could be a fashionable option that will make your nuptials even more memorable.

More About Bespoke Dresses

A bespoke dress is a designer dress that you can create at bridal boutiques with a designer. If you know exactly how you want your dress to look but haven’t been able to find anything that fits your vision, the bespoke option may be the way to go.

The dress is made according to your measurements. You and the designer will work together to create a design sketch. Usually, you can select the fabric you want for the wedding dress as well. A bespoke wedding gown allows you to dress according to the decorative theme of your wedding and you can create a dress that is appropriate for the season and wedding setting as well. This is a great way to show off your personal style on one of the most important days of your life. You can even add customized features like a removable outer skirt so you can quickly change after the ceremony and dance comfortably at the reception.

The Design Process

When you’re visiting bridal boutiques and trying on wedding dresses, you search until you find a gown you love and have the dress altered to fit your body. However, when you’re designing a bespoke gown, you’ll meet with the designer either in person or virtually to discuss ideas. You’ll talk about the wedding location and additional factors like whether you’ll be dancing in your dress, the temperature of the wedding venue, and your wedding’s level of formality.

The designer will take care of the fabric portion of the design by getting samples from suppliers for you to see. Once you pick the material you like best, you’ll try on some dresses at the boutique in a similar silhouette as your bespoke dress. Once you’re sure about the style of your dress, the designer will start cutting the fabric. The dress will be pinned together, and you’ll try it on to see if you’d like any changes to be made. Once you give your input, the dress will be sewn together. Your designer may leave the hemline loose so you can try the dress on with the shoes you’ll be wearing. This lets the designer know where to sew the hem to ensure the dress falls correctly. A few days before the ceremony, you’ll try the dress on again with all the accessories so you can get an accurate idea of how you’ll look when you exchange your vows.

The Cost of a Bespoke Dress

Bespoke designer wedding dresses usually cost more than a dress you would find at a bridal shop because it takes more time to make a bespoke wedding gown. The price of the dress is determined based on the labor and the fabrics used to make the dress. Every dress is sewn by hand and is not made in a factory where there are several other dresses just like it. Designers often add customized details such as lace, sequin, or pearls that are attached to the fabric by hand. In many cases, the bride is wearing the dress while accessories are sewn onto the garment to ensure correct placement.

You’ll also pay more for a bespoke dress because of the flexibility of the garment. You’ll have more time to create and to make adjustments to the dress. The design team will consider your fitness plan if you have one so they can make changes to the garment along the way and ensure your dress is the perfect fit for your special day.

Selecting the Fabric and Color for Your Bespoke Dress

Most designers will have several fabric options for you to choose from during your initial consultation. This will give you an idea of how your dress will look when it’s complete. You can choose from materials such as silk crepes, organza, satin, or chiffon, as well as lace patterns from various parts of the world. It is best to contact the designer a few months ahead of time to make sure the fabrics are available when you need them.

Choosing the fabrics in advance will also allow you to feel the fabric against your skin before the dress is complete. You’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible in your dress so you can avoid itchy fabrics or fabrics that snag easily when you use the bespoke method.

When your dress is custom-made you can select fabrics in shades like blush, ivory, oyster, or champagne for your wedding dress. You can also choose embroidery in these colors to make your dress beautifully unique. Whether you want a floral applique pattern, lots of lace, or pearls and sequins added to different parts of the dress, you can see how these accents will look during your fittings so you can have them added and removed according to your preferences.

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment

When you meet the designer for your consultation, you will be introduced to the designer and a team of experienced seamstresses. You’ll also be asked to share some details about your upcoming wedding day. This helps the design team to come up with a vision for your dress that fits the setting of your wedding. You’ll then try on some dresses at the bridal boutique that is like the dress you want to create for your big day. The designer will also take your measurements and create a sketch of the dress you’re envisioning. If you’re happy with the sketch, you’ll receive an estimate of how much the dress will cost.

Remember to make sure you’re ready to try on dresses, so avoid self-tanner, body makeup, and body oils that can transfer onto the fabric during your dress fitting. Be sure to wear the right undergarments for the style of dress you’ve selected as well. Wear the bra that will provide the most support for your dress style, and only wear shapewear to your fitting if you plan on wearing it on your wedding day. Even if you don’t know which shoes you’re wearing yet, you should let the designer know the height of the heel you plan to wear so your dress will be the correct length.

Keeping these suggestions in mind can make the process of creating your wedding dress one of your favorite memories about preparing for one of the most important days of your life.