To Pass Down Weddings Dresses, Avoid These Trends

Many people love wedding dresses, and they want to pass them down to their children and their children’s children. While you can’t guarantee that they’ll like the dress, there are some ways to increase these chances. Some awful design trends should be avoided. This will tell you the worst offenders so that you know what to avoid.

Puffy Sleeves on Wedding Dresses

Puffy sleeves were a huge trend during the 1980s, and they have come back here and there. There are several problems with these sleeves in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

You’ll find that they get in the way whenever you want to move your arms. This means they’ll annoy you when you’re dancing, kissing, cutting the cake, being close to other people, and just moving around at all during your wedding. Not only that, but they widen your silhouette. You might find that you accidentally knock over someone’s plate or glass when walking around the reception hall.

These also make wedding dresses look awful in photos. You might be surprised to hear that, but they often look flat and block light during shots. This makes them look awful from every angle. They also need to be adjusted over and over again before they’re even close to presentable.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this type of designer wedding dress.

Extremely Elaborate and Exaggerated Dresses

It’s your wedding, so no one can blame you for wanting a beautiful wedding dress. Some people like simple and subtle dresses while others enjoy dramatic and elaborate ones. That’s fine, and neither of those is specifically a bad design trend.

The problem though is when the wedding dresses are too elaborate and exaggerated. These rarely hold up throughout the years, and they often seem like too much for a wedding. Some people find that they work for themed weddings, such as a Disney-themed wedding, but they often don’t work well outside of this scenario.

Much like with the puffy sleeves, you can expect this dress to get in the way during your wedding. From walking down the aisle to standing next to others to trying to dance, this type of dress will fight you every inch of the way. Not only that, but people will likely step on the dress unintentionally throughout the night. That’s not even mentioning how often you’ll need to adjust the dress throughout the day.

Not only will your children probably prefer to use another dress, but you might get so frustrated that you throw it out after the night is over. It’s fine to have a beautiful and elaborate design, but don’t go overboard, and remember that you need to move around.

Extremely Tight Dresses

On the opposite end of exaggerated and elaborate dresses would be extremely tight and suffocating dresses. Some of the best wedding dress designers make dresses that are formfitting and a little tight, but they aren’t vacuum-sealed to your body. If you want a dress like this, then you want it to fit like a glove. You don’t want it to make you feel like a sausage.

The problem with passing these dresses on is that you have no idea if your children will have a similar body type to you. A dress can be taken in or out, but there are limits to this.

The other problem is that these dresses will be cumbersome during the wedding. You’ll find it very hard to walk and some people find these dresses to feel very revealing. You might even find it hard to breathe if it’s too tight around your midsection.

Some people choose dresses like this because they want to feel comfortable dancing during the reception. If that’s the case, then it’s better to have a good wedding dress for the wedding itself and then a different dress for the reception. The second dress can have a completely different style that’s better for dancing and showing off.

Very Deep Necklines

This is especially true for those with a larger bust, but it’s good for every bride to keep in mind. Once again, this is an example of doing too much and having it blow up in your face.

A good neckline looks amazing and makes you even more beautiful on your wedding day. The problem is that very deep necklines, especially if you are busty, can lead to things accidentally slipping out while walking down the aisle or dancing. You’ll find yourself constantly adjusting the dress and having to stay very still to keep from the dress falling off.

These dresses are also very dependent on your body type. Even if you think it’s a good idea, your children might be significantly larger or smaller than you are. This can lead to many issues with them trying it on.

Necklines are great, but too much of a good thing can be a problem.

Super-Trendy Designs

There will always be new, trendy, and unconventional designs that you can pick from. Some of these designs take the timeless aesthetic of wedding dresses and add a modern spin to them. That’s usually fine because it still looks like a traditional dress with some modern improvements.

The problem is when you pick super-trendy designs that completely forget about what these dresses should look like. For example, the big trends during the 2010s included non-white dresses that were very colorful, prints, and patterns. They looked fine then because others were doing it, but they look very odd now.

While there is a chance that this aesthetic will come back when your children are ready to get married, it’s a better bet to focus on keeping a dress that still looks somewhat traditional.

Once again, if you want a colorful or fun dress, then get a second dress and wear it during the reception.

Too Much Embellishment

The right amount of embellishment can make your dress sparkle as you walk down the aisle. It will make everyone look at you in awe as the light bounces from your dress like stars.

Too much embellishment though makes you look like a walking disco ball or like you’re trying too hard. It can be difficult sometimes to strike a balance, especially if you enjoy embellished dresses, but less is often more in this case. Just keep it simple and both your current guests and future children will thank you for dresses