Wearing a Different Color Wedding Dress for Your Wedding

White and ivory have been sanctioned as the traditional wedding dress colors, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them. Brides are breaking with tradition and wearing different colors for their wedding. Either as accents or the primary color of the dress, it’s your wedding and you should be able to wear a unique wedding dress if you want to.

Colorful Wedding Dress Symbolism

Some women attach meanings to the colors of their dress. If you enjoy symbolism and want your wedding dress to convey extra meaning, then there are a few colors to choose from. Light blue has become one of the more popular colors because it’s thought to display femininity, calmness, peacefulness and water.

Pink is another feminine color that has become popular, and red is being used frequently as a sign of deep love. Black is a rare color that some women use to represent power and sophistication. Be sure to step into bridal stores in Columbus and see which color looks best on you.

Breaking Tradition With Color

Many women look down on the tradition of weddings and how they have long been about ownership. White is a traditional color for virginity and putting that on display. It’s a lovely color, but it doesn’t have to be used in your wedding.

If you want to make this about your love and partnership with the person you want to marry, then feel free to use your own color. Build your own traditions and use the colors that you like the most.

Match Bridesmaids

Going by traditional standards, you are supposed to wear white and your bridesmaids are supposed to wear colors. This creates a separation between you and your bridesmaids. Many women are now choosing colors that closely match your bridesmaids to create a sense of unity. It’s best to choose a different shade so that you stand out while still showing group unity.