How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Designer Wedding Dress

Choosing the right jewelry for your designer wedding dress can seem like a daunting task. The best advice is to consider the neckline of the wedding dress, then choose your other jewelry to complement your necklace. Keeping the design of your wedding dress, especially if it is elaborate, along with its fabric can also help.

Strapless Designer Wedding Dress

If you plan on wearing a strapless designer wedding dress on your special day, wear a statement necklace. Especially if your dress does not have many textured embellishments, consider wearing one that will add some texture to your outfit. Then, pair it with a statement pair of earrings as the combination will draw the groom’s and audience’s eyes upward. For example, you might consider wearing a long diamond necklace, diamond dangle earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet on each wrist.

Alternatively, consider going the traditional route and wearing pearls or a sweetheart necklace with a drop.

If there is a lot of space between the top of the dress and your head, then consider wearing a choker-style necklace to break up that space. Another option is to avoid the necklace and go with statement earrings that move as you walk down the aisle.

High Neckline Wedding Dress

If you have chosen a wedding dress with a high neckline, wear a choker-style necklace and stud-style earrings. Otherwise, the overall look can quickly become too busy.

You may even consider going without a necklace altogether if the top of your wedding dress is embellished. In that case, pull your hair back and wear beautiful diamond or pearl drop earrings. Consider coordinating a piece for your hair with your earrings.

One-shoulder Wedding Dress

If you have chosen a one-shoulder wedding dress, skip the necklace as it will detract from the neckline. It also has the potential to get tangled in the neckline.

Depending on the elaborateness of the dress, you may want to consider post or drop earrings. Be careful that the wedding dress and accessories do not have a chance to tangle with each other.

If the designer wedding dress sleeves have a design, opting for stud earrings is usually best. You can either wear diamonds, pearls or add some color to your wedding outfit by choosing one of your wedding colors or wearing blue if you want to follow tradition.

Boat Neck Wedding Dress

Since a boat neck outlines the shape of the face so well, be careful that you do not pull the attention away from it. Therefore, it is best to keep your jewelry small and very simple. For example, consider an invisible necklace with a single solitary diamond and diamond stud earrings.

Another great option is to consider wearing a one-color necklace. If you are looking for a place to incorporate blue on your wedding day, this can be a terrific option. Consider wearing the same color as earrings.

You may even want to incorporate the same color into your bridal bouquet. If your wedding dress is white or a shade of white, the blue may reflect beautifully.

Scoop-neck Wedding Dress

If you have chosen a scoop-neck wedding dress, the best choice is usually a choker necklace with matching earrings. If you do not want to wear a necklace, consider a veil and elaborate drop earrings.

V-neck Wedding Dress

If the v on your wedding dress is narrow, then opt for a narrower pendant-style necklace. If it is broader, then opt for one that will hang wider.

Shopping Advice for Wedding Dress Jewelry

Now that you have some ideas on what you should look for in wedding jewelry, you will want to keep some tips in mind. Following these tips will help you narrow down your choices within each category. Then, go with what your heart tells you because, after all, it is your wedding.

Less Is More

The best wedding dress designers often design their dresses to be worn with minimal jewelry. It is easy to wear too much jewelry on your wedding day, which takes away from your beautiful wedding dress and your beautiful face. If you need to save a little money on your wedding, wearing simple jewelry can help.

Opt for the Right Color

While we have given you some advice on what style of jewelry to wear with your designer wedding dress, consider what color works best. Generally, you will want to stick with platinum or silver if your dress is white. Alternatively, if your dress has ivory tones, think about wearing gold. Wedding dresses with pink hues often look stunning when worn with rose gold wedding jewelry.

Consider the Beading

If your wedding dress has beading on it, consider this as clues as what type of jewelry will look best. You want to wear something that will make it dazzle even more as opposed to pulling away from it.

Stick to One Color

Unless you are wearing an heirloom piece of jewelry that has been in your family forever, stick with one color. If you must wear grandma’s necklace or your mom’s wedding earrings, and you cannot match its color, then wear two colors that look great together. If you choose to wear more, then you take away from the wedding dress’ beauty.

Buy Something You Will Wear Later

You may have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses that you will never wear again. Do not let it be that way with your jewelry. Instead, choose pieces that you will wear again. That way, every time you put them on, you will be reminded of the fun of your wedding day.

Choose Items You Love

It is your wedding day, so choose items you love. A common issue with many brides right before they walk down the aisle is a lack of self-confidence. When you wear jewelry and a designer wedding dress that you love, you will feel more confident.

Remember you will look beautiful on your wedding day. At the conclusion of the ceremony, you will be married to your best friend, even if you choose the wrong wedding jewelry. Brides always have a natural beauty about them that is impossible to surpass. Therefore, you should take some deep breaths and pick the items you want to wear the most with your designer wedding dress. Then, you can relax and enjoy looking stunning in your designer wedding outfit.