How does a piece of clothing become more than just an object of daily use? Is a handmade wedding dress nowadays valuable enough to be preserved for future generations? Why has the colour white become an enduring symbol of weddings in our culture? Daalarna’s new collection explores the concept of eternity, and the theme is perfectly displayed in the minimalist, sophisticated building of the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest, where tradition meets modernity.
“We tend to think of museums as dusty, old-fashioned buildings that house the relics of a bygone era. Yet in my interpretation, these places are not for the past, but for eternity,” says designer Anita Benes. “While I was creating the new collection, I thought a lot about how a wedding in 2023 would be remembered in a museum in two hundred years. What attributes on a wedding dress would be so memorable that they would have a place in such a carefully selected collection? A creative person sometimes wonders whether what they are creating will stand the test of time. And this question is particularly relevant today when there is a daily need for something new in fashion, and less attention is paid to reliable, everlasting pieces such as a handmade wedding dress.”
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At the heart of Daalarna’s ETERNITY collection is craftsmanship, with which Anita Benes wants to emphasize that each Daalarna wedding dress is the result of a whole team working together.