How to Add Cover-Ups to Your Designer Wedding Dress

Most people would choose the summer season for their wedding, but have you ever thought about how beautiful your wedding can be during the winter season with the snowy backdrops. Nobody would want to hide their beautiful wedding gown from the world. However, during the winter season, you would also not want goosebumps and bluenoses to run your wedding look. Cover-ups for wedding dresses in Columbus are one of the best ways to keep elegant and warm during your wedding. Here are some amazing ways to add cover-ups to your designer wedding dress.

Bridal Capelet

A capelet is a small cape, and it covers the shoulders. The bridal capelet is a good accessory to cover up your wedding dress. It is less dramatic and does not go down to the legs. It is a good cover-up idea if you need to keep warm and show off your wedding dress as well. The bridal capelet can hit below the shoulder and leave the detailed part of your wedding dress uncovered. Depending on your wedding dress, you can make your bridal capelet to be plain, floral, laced, or beaded.

Bridal Cape

A bridal cape will not only keep you warm but also add a pinch to your wedding dress. Depending on your designer wedding dress, the bridal cape can also be an alternative for a wedding veil. If you want to change your look at your wedding, a bridal cape can be the best option. The bridal cape is easy to wear and easy to remove. This is unlike a wedding veil, which when attached to the wedding dress, can interfere with your hairstyle when you remove it. However, you can do both the veil and the bridal cape. Make it as thick as the velour if you need the bridal cape to keep you warm.

Nevertheless, your bridal cape should not make you look loaded. If your wedding gown has a heavy fabric, your bridal cape would be best to have a thin fabric. In contrast, if the wedding gown has thin fabric, get a bridal cape with thick fabric so that you do not end up shivering on your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Topper

You might want a different look on different wedding occasions. Doing a full outfit change might consume a lot of time and be costly because you will need to have two wedding gowns. A wedding dress topper will always come through during such moments. A wedding dress topper is a piece of cloth that you wear on top of your wedding gown, and it gives your wedding gown a different look and style. Wedding dress toppers come in different fabrics and designs and fit different occasions.

Most wedding dress toppers are sheer cover-ups, and when you wear them, you can see the original designer wedding dress underneath. A rubbish feather wedding dress topper can be a good choice if you love Hollywood glam. The rubbish feather topper will bring out a different and fabulous look when you wear it on top of your reception wedding dress. A beaded topper can add sparkle and elegance to your wedding dress. The good thing about wedding dress toppers, you can always remove them at some point on your wedding day and pinch a different style on your wedding photos.

Fur Coat

You can never go wrong with a fluffy, furry look. A fur coat will bring a glamorous look when you are doing a winter wedding. Fur coats have been stylish for decades, and they will remain in style for the longest time. Covering up your wedding dress with a fur coat will help you keep warm and look stylish at the same time. The fur coat can be faux fur, fleece, or mid-length, and it will make your winter wedding look together. A fur coat is the best cover-up for an outdoor wedding, and you can choose either long or short-sleeved. You will need a black, brown, or nude color so that the fur coat will not steal the details of the wedding dress.

Wedding Shawl

You can never go wrong with a wedding shawl cove up. Wedding shawls are excellent cover-ups for cold weather and add decency to your wedding dress. If your wedding is taking place in a church or temple, and you have an off-shoulder or short-sleeved wedding dress, you can cover it up with a shawl. After the church service, you can remove the shawl and show off your designer wedding dress at the reception. The wedding shawl can be white, or you can go for a color that matches your wedding’s theme color. Wedding shawls come in different styles and fabrics. You can find woven weddings shawls, which are best to add warmth when your wedding is taking place during cold weather season. Also, you can get a sheer wedding shawl, which will add glamor to your wedding dress.

Wedding Bolero

A bolero is a simple way to cover up and add elegance and style to your wedding dress. Your designer can always make a bolero that matches your designer wedding gown. The bolero can be the same color as the wedding gown or a different but matching color. Boleros complement strapless and off-shoulder wedding dresses or wedding dresses that have spaghetti straps. If you have a simple wedding dress, adding an extensively stylish bolero will make the wedding dress look more adorable. When choosing your wedding bolero, always go for style and elegance. The bolero can have beads, feathers, or tassels. Boleros are a great cover-up because they are open in front and will not hide the details on your wedding dress.

What to Know About Cover-Ups

Wedding dress cover-ups come in different styles, designs, and fabrics. The cover-ups for wedding dresses can suit different occasions and seasons. Whether you decide to do your wedding during the summer or winter season, you can always get a cover-up that will match up the weather. Your wedding does not have to be during the fall or winter season for you to want a cover-up. In some cases, you might need the cover-ups to pull out a different look at the reception or add decency to your wedding dress during the church services. Whatever your reasons and style are, you will find a cover-up that fits.