Top Wedding Dress Trends for Fall

The fall season is a great time to have a wedding due to the changing colors outdoors and the drop in temperatures. For brides who are planning an upcoming wedding, it’s important to work the wedding dress around the season to stay warm and also wear a dress that looks appropriate for the specific time of year. If you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, there are a few top wedding dress trends to consider for fall.

Victorian-Inspired Necklines

More brides are embracing Victorian-inspired necklines that include bold collars and draw attention to the face. The vintage trend is unconventional and makes a statement for those who want to show less skin. The added coverage creates a beautiful design that is unique and will look couture while also keeping you warm.

Removable Sleeves

Removable sleeves are a unique look that will allow you to have versatility with your wedding gown and can change the design of your dress during the event without having to change gowns. Consider wearing the sleeves during the ceremony for extra formality and removing them once you’re ready to celebrate at the reception. Many of the sleeves are elegant and are a modern twist on gloves that have been worn in past decades.


Bridal capes are incredibly classy and have recently been seen on the runway due to their dramatic look that is still elegant and modern. Most capes can be found at a bridal boutique and are considered to be a feminine accessory that is extremely formal. Capes are an ideal alternative to veils and can allow you to attain a similar look with a cascading structural element that makes a statement from behind. You won’t have to leave your back exposed, which can be ideal if you’re planning an outdoor wedding and want to stay warm. Some capes feature a hood and are separate from the dress, which makes them easy to take on and off throughout the wedding.