How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Style

When it comes to preparing for your wedding, there are many different details to plan to ensure that everything is perfect. The wedding dress is the highlight of the event that will allow you to stand out as the bride. Once you begin shopping around, there are a few tips to selecting the right dress style to ensure that you feel like yourself in the gown.

Look in Magazines

Make it a point to browse through different types of magazines to gain inspiration from images that you find. You may like the look of a veil or find the mermaid style gowns to be flattering. Cut out images that catch your immediate attention to discover what you’re drawn to before shopping in person. You can also create an inspiration board to provide to a bridal boutique to ensure that they understand your vision and can pull the right dresses for you to try on at the store.

Consider Your Home Decor

Take a close look at your home decor to get an idea of what style you prefer when it comes to design. You may have a simple or minimal style and appreciate classic looks that don’t have too much detail. On the other hand, you may find that your house is decorated with eclectic pieces and is a place where you’ve taken plenty of risks. Understanding the type of environment that you feel comfortable living in can offer insight into the wedding dress style that will work best.

Look at Your Body Type

Although you may have your mind set on a ball gown style for your wedding dress, it can look different on your body once you try it on in person. It can be easy to fall in love with a specific style only to change your mind when shopping in person. Consider your body type when shopping for a wedding dress to ensure that you choose something that is flattering and allows you to feel beautiful and comfortable.