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How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress Fabric

One of the most overlooked aspects of having a custom wedding dress created is choosing the right fabric. There are numerous choices, so it is helpful to consider some possibilities ahead of meeting with us. Yet, many brides often confess that they have no idea where to begin choosing possible fabrics for their wedding dress.

Formal or Informal Weddings

Brides may want to consider think about how formal a wedding they want to have when they choose the fabric for their wedding dress. Silk, satin and organza all look great in formal wedding dresses. If the bride, however, is having a less formal wedding, then crepe, georgette, organza or even polyester often make great choices.

Structure of the Dress

Thinking about the dress structure often helps choose the right material. Dresses with lots of design details need a stiffer fabric than those with less detail. Brocade has designed woven into it making it a good choice for dresses needing structure. Other good choices for highly-designed wedding dresses include eau de soie and Italian satin. Brides wanting a casual wedding dress may want to consider charmeuse, peach satin and taffeta.


Brides who are having a destination wedding or who will be traveling in their dress between venues will want to choose fabrics that travel well. Possibilities include silk-tulle, rayon crepe and re-embroidered lace.

It is not necessary to stick with just one fabric when designing your designer wedding dress in Columbus. We will be glad to consider your ideas about which fabrics you want incorporated into your wedding dress along with providing you ideas to consider. Working with a professional to design your custom wedding dress gives you so many possibilities.