How to Find the Perfect Wedding Flowers for Your Dress

When planning your special day, you know that choosing flowers that match the style of your dress is one detail that adds the perfect touch. Your choices will be memorialized in the photos for eternity, so you want to choose carefully. Here are a few tips for choosing flowers that are the right touch for your designer dress.

Explore Your Options

The first thing that you need to do is to gather inspiration. Look at wedding magazines and blogs to find ideas. Once you have a collection of inspiration, you need to decide on whether you want to include scents such as peonies, lilacs, freesias, gardenias, roses, or jasmine. Next, pick a few descriptive words to describe your wedding dress design. Is it elegant, playful, rustic, modern, or boho chic?

Wedding Flowers for Your Style

Once you have your description, it is time to start shopping. Find out what choices are available in your area. If you are working with a wedding dress designer in Columbus, they might have suggestions for who to call for the floral arrangements. When it comes to choosing flowers for yourdesigner wedding dress in Columbus, you have many choices. Once you have your list, go through it, and divide them into categories according to the description that you have chosen. This will give your designer a selection that will be the perfect fit for your dress. Be sure to pull some colors from the wedding into the bouquet for a polished look.

Color and Form

Think about color and form when choosing your flowers. For instance, the fringed petals of carnations can have a delicate appearance. Lilies have a clean and sophisticated look. Keep it simple when it comes to color. More is not always better. The rule of thumb is to choose three colors, at most. A simple white bouquet that has a mixture of textures can be an effective choice. The most important thing is to have fun designing.