Bridal Shops in Columbus Offer Flattering Wedding Dress Cuts for All Body Types

Going shopping for your wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of the whole wedding experience. Sitting around with your friends/family and looking at all the options on hand is a great way to make memories. However, the look of a dress shouldn’t be the only area to focus on. The fact is that everyone’s body is different, but there are common features that people share. Features such as being curvy or tall are just a few of those attributes. The following includes further information on choosing the most flattering wedding dress cut for your body type when you visit bridal shops in Columbus.

Bridal Shops in Columbus With Ball Gowns

If you’re stopping by a few bridal shops in Columbus and you don’t exactly have the most curves, you may want to stop by and look at ball gown wedding dresses. As stated above, the ball gown design is created to provide brides with curves that they may not currently possess. The gown helps to diminish the look of the waist while providing you with a curvy looking at it moves lower. Women who are bustier may want to go this route as the gown helps to balance out the total look. However, if you’re of smaller stature, you may want to avoid this look at a bridal boutique as it can quickly consume you.

The Strapless Wedding Dress Look

Women who are athletic will usually tend to have wider shoulders and thicker waistlines than most. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with being athletic, it may cause issues when searching for “bridal shops near me” on the internet. That is because most of the search results will involve dresses for non-athletic women. However, if you’re athletic, you may not want to go this route as it may make you look boxy. Instead, you may want to choose a strapless wedding dress. Dresses that are strapless expose your shoulders can help you show off those tone arms and shoulders. In fact, most of these types of dresses offer you that silhouette look that is so sought-after.

The Sheath Wedding Dress

In some cases, you don’t want the attention on your body but rather the accessories surrounding it, such as jewelry or your hairstyle. But what type of dress can make that request possible? The sheath dress, aka column dress, flows naturally down your curves. This simple fabric and design allow other features to be more present. Those wanting to keep the attention off their bodies and onto certain items would love this look. However, if you’re extra curvy, this dress may actually hinder other items from popping out.

The Empire Wedding Dress

If you’re on the petite side, going with some of the most common dresses on the market may not be your best option. This is because you want to show off your figure, not hide it or be overcome by it. The empire dress provides petite brides with that elegant look that won’t overtake their whole body. The dress composes of a loose-fitted skirt that ends right above the waistline. This means petite brides look long and may even emphasize the upper torso. Note that this would not be the best option for curvy brides as it can overemphasize certain parts of the body and throw off the balance of the dress.

The Mermaid Wedding Dress

Ready to make a fashion statement while looking amazing? The mermaid wedding dress not only hugs every inch of your curves, but it does so with some style. The dress hugs a bride’s curves from the very top to around the ankles, where the dress then flares out. However, if you’re not looking for anything remotely tight, this may not be the dress to wear.

The A-Line Wedding Dress

There’s a reason why the A-line wedding dress is perhaps the most popular dress on the market. If you’re having a difficult time finding the right dress for you, then the A-line may be your last hope. This is because this dress tends to have the best record at making all body-types look amazing. As the name implies, the dress forms an A as it extends outward from top to bottom. This is also a great option for those who want a more traditional and less sexy dress to wear.

The Trumpet Wedding Dress

Very similar to the mermaid dress (but not too much), the trumpet wedding dress also has a skirt that flares out at around the knee level. If you’re too curvy and don’t exactly want to share every inch of your body with your guest, you may opt-in for this option. The trumpet dress is described as a form-fitted dress which means that it won’t hug you too tightly around your body. The bottom of the dress does flare but not too wide as the mermaid version. Instead, you get a straight-lined skirt that flares out just slightly.