Find a Designer Wedding Dress for Your Body

There are many steps that come with planning a wedding. One of the biggest choices you have to make as a bride is choosing the right designer wedding dress for your big day. The number of necklines and silhouettes that are available can make it hard to choose a dress. However, choosing a dress based on your body type can make the dress selection process easier.

Best Designer Wedding Dress for an Hourglass Shape

An hourglass shape is a body type that many people desire to have. If you have this body type, you most likely have a big bust, defined waist, and wide hips. With this body type, you definitely want to highlight your curves.

If you have an hourglass shape, a mermaid and corset-style designer wedding dress will accentuate your figure. If you are looking for a less structured dress, you can go for a fit-and-flare design. You can also wear a ballgown on your special day, provided you choose a structured bodice.

Due to how balanced your bust and hips are, you do not want to add more bulk to these areas. A princess-style or empire dress may not be best because the full skirts can make you look bigger, making you look less flattering.

Avoid a sheath dress as it is loose-fitting and will hide your figure. When it comes to the neckline, you may want to go for the portrait or sweetheart neckline to complement your figure.

Timeless Wedding Dress for a Smaller Chest

If you are a bride that has a small chest you want to choose a dress that adds structure. Ruching and wrapping can help to accentuate your cleavage, neckline, and bodice. The benefit of having a small chest, though, means that you can choose a dress that has a low back or a plunging V-neck.

Designer Wedding Dresses for a Petite Figure

Being a bride with a petite frame allows you to experiment with smooth fabrics and flowy layers. Heavy embellishments can make your silhouette bulkier. So, you may want to think twice about a ball gown. An A-line can highlight your curves, and make you look taller. If you do want a fit-and-flare wedding dress, choose one with less structure and fewer embellishments.

When it comes to the waistline, you want to choose a dress that has a high or natural waist. Choosing a dropped waistline can make you look shorter. When you choose an open-back or V-back wedding dress, it can give the appearance of a longer torso. This allows you to appear taller.

Beautiful Dresses for Pear-Shaped Body Types

Having a pear-shaped body type means that your hips are wider than your bust with a defined waist. It is possible your neck and shoulders look very feminine with a smaller chest and petite build.

For women that are pear-shaped and desire a designer wedding, you will benefit from getting a ball gown or A-line wedding dress. As for the bodice of the dress, you may want to select one with embellishments to draw attention to your décolletage and waist.

If you have a nice butt or hips, you can choose a fit-and-flare dress to accentuate those parts of your body. Avoid an empire dress as it can hide your figure. It can also make you look bigger than you actually are.

Dresses for Apple-Shaped Bodies

If you have an apple-shaped body, you may have some weight around your midsection. You probably have a full bust with broad shoulders and slim legs. For this body type, you really want to highlight your bust and legs.

You may like an empire dress as this style of dress has a high waist. This style puts the focus on your upper body. An A-line dress can also be flattering. Another dress option is a ballgown with a corset-style bodice. When it comes to the neckline, you can choose a V-neckline. For a more modest look, you can try a square neckline. A U-shape neckline takes the focus off the shoulders and gives the illusion of an elongated neck.

Select a dress with a less defined waist that is free-flowing in nature. Avoid belts or sashes as they can make your midsection look bigger. A mermaid or sheath dress may not be best for you as they draw attention to the midsection.

The Best Dress for Tall and Slender Women

A woman that is tall and slender usually has slim hips and long legs. if you have this body type, you may be taller than most women and have a small bust. For women that have a lithe frame, you want to choose a wedding dress that is airy and elegant.

You do not need ruffles and taffeta to make up for your lack of curves. An A-line can make it seem like you have curves due to the enhanced waistline. A sweetheart strapless bust or cowl neck can also accentuate your curves. Choosing a soft sheath wedding dress will highlight your height.

The best thing about this body type is you can choose a dress that has a lot of lace or embroidery without seeming overly dramatic. If you would like to underplay your height, you may want to choose a ball gown that has a low waist. Stay away from dresses with an empire waist. You can also choose a fit-and-flare to highlight your curves.

Dresses for the Athletic Type

A bride with an athletic build wants a gown that brings attention to her waist. Choosing a fitted dress, one with a ruched middle, or one that has a waist belt can help you achieve the hourglass look.

If you are a bride that has an athletic build, you will benefit from an A-line or fit-and-flare. You can make your silhouette more interesting by choosing a tiered skirt and unique neckline.

Having a dress with embellishments and beading can also add interest to your profile. If you have nice toned arms and shoulders, try a dress that is strapless or has a halter top.

The Best Dress for a Full-Chested Woman

Having a full bust means you have to balance highlighting your assets while giving them the proper support. When you have a full chest, you need support. Finding a dress that has sleeves or wider straps can help you with this.

A gown that has a corset or higher back will give you more support. It also allows you to hide your bra. If you do not want to accent your bust, you can choose a dress that has a high neck.

Too much cleavage can look vulgar. So, if you are going to go for a v-neckline, you want it to be slight. If you want to wear a strapless dress, make sure it is not too tight because it can make your bust look too small for the dress.

The Wrap Up

Finding the right wedding dress does not have to be difficult. If you know what your body type is, you can choose a dress that is flattering for you. You definitely want to highlight the features of your body that you want to highlight and cover up the ones that you do not. You can find your designer wedding dress today.