The Best Designer Wedding Dress Styles to Re-Wear

Many women spend weeks and even months searching for the perfect wedding dress. You might try on dozens of styles in Columbus, Ohio before you find one that helps you feel the way you want to feel on your big day. Once you walk down the aisle, you might pay to preserve your dress for the future or keep it stored in an out of the way closet. When you pick the right designer wedding dress style, you’ll find that you can wear your dress long after your wedding day.

Little White Dress

You probably heard people talk about the perfect little black dress and likely even have one tucked in your closet. When it comes to your wedding day, consider the little white dress. Though similar to an LBD, an LWD is formal enough that you can rock it on your wedding day. The key is that the dress has features that set it apart from traditional wedding dresses like a cocktail hem that stops just below the knee. You can still pick one with loads of lace and other embellishments. If the dress looks a little too formal or like a wedding dress, think about dying it a new color.

Maxi Dress

Is there anything better to wear on a hot day than a maxi dress? It helps you stay cool and provides all of the coverage that you need. Some designer wedding dress brands took the maxi dress to a new level with dresses that would look right at home in a church or on the beach. These dresses usually have short sleeves or capped sleeves but can also have longer sleeves or no sleeves. You can choose one with a plunging neckline to show off some cleavage or pick one that offers more coverage. With the right accessories, your wedding day maxi dress can go anywhere you go.


Bridal boutiques noticed an uptick in the number of women choosing elegant pantsuits over traditional dresses for their big day. While the suits were once more popular among women getting married later in life, younger women love the look just as much today. You can pick a classic suit that pairs white pants with a matching blazer or go with a skirt suit. A skirt that falls to the knee is suitable for the office and your walk down the aisle. If you really want to stand out and make an impression, you can go with a suit in a color other than white such as red.

Hippie Chic

Are you more comfortable in jeans and a tee than you are in a ballgown? You don’t need to look like a princess in a poufy dress to feel like one because there are tons of dresses that let you channel your inner hippie goddess. Some of these dresses look as though they just stepped out of the 1960s or 1970s. If you worry that you might look like you’re wearing a costume, pick one that combines hippie style with wedding design. A nice option is a long white dress with a simple lace overlay. Though it helps you stand out on your big day, the dress is casual enough that you can wear it later.

White Jumpsuit

When shopping for wedding dresses Columbus brides might consider jumpsuits. You don’t need to look like a supermodel to rock one of these outfits. A jumpsuit is essentially an outfit that combines a top and bottom into one simple piece that is easy to wear. As you look for one for your wedding day, consider those with loose and flowing lines. You might prefer one with a high neckline that lets you show off your amazing arms or one with a plunging neckline and long sleeves. One of the nice things about white jumpsuits is that you can throw on some accessories and change your shoes to go from the church to a night on the town or anywhere else you want to go.

Short and Strapless

Though the average age at which women marry keeps rising, there are still some younger brides who love the idea of short and strapless wedding dresses. Are you tired of looking at dresses just because you see so many that don’t match your sense of style? If you love trends and are always on the go, you might not like a big dress with lots of lace and frills. Short and strapless dresses are perfect for you. They show off your legs but also allow you to show some skin on your chest and arms. It’s easy to mix and match one of these dresses with other accessories to wear them again.

Coat Dress

Whether you’re a fan of mid-century modern designs or just want to look different on your big day, go with a coat dress. These dresses are no longer just for the mother of the bride or groom. As the name implies, this is a type of dress that combines elements of a coat and a dress. A coat dress usually has buttons that run down the front and a length that falls to the knee or just below the knee. Designer wedding dresses in this style come in classic white as well as dark and bold colors. You’ll find both long sleeve and short sleeve designs along with dresses that come with a matching belt. When you visit bridal boutiques like B. Loved Bridal Boutique, you can try on all of the styles and get feedback from your wedding party.

Illusion Designs

Designer wedding dresses now come in more colors than just plain white. You don’t need to stick with similar shades like cream or ivory either. Many illusion designs use peach and other softer shades that give you the look that you want but go beyond classic white. An illusion dress has a panel of fabric in one color that sits under the dress. They often have lots of embellishments that help you stand out like lace and beads. Many also have low necks or high slits in the front. Thanks to the illusion material though, you only give the illusion of showing off a lot of skin. When you choose an illusion designer wedding dress in a pastel color, you can wear it multiple times.

Get More Out of Your Dress

Who says you can only wear your wedding dress once? Thanks to the newest designs, you’ll find tons of places to wear that dress. Some of the top designer wedding dress styles you can wear again include maxi dresses and jumpsuits.