True Vintage or Vintage Inspired? Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown

In all the beautiful planning surrounding a wedding, few decisions are more important than the selection of your gown. Bridal stores in Columbus are experts at finding the dream dress. For those seeking a more old-fashioned theme, vintage bridal dresses may have a special appeal. But when is it better to buy a true vintage dress vs. a vintage-inspired design?

Vintage Design

Both vintage and vintage-inspired dresses may have similar designs. Certain eras have a standout signature look to them – think fluffy tea length gowns of the 1950’s, or tight buttoned high neck Victorian lace.

Vintage style dresses aim to pay homage to these earlier times, but they aren’t trying to completely recreate them. These dresses will take classic lines and add a modern flair. You may see the bodice of a 50’s dress with a full-length skirt, or the lace of a Victorian but a more revealing bodice.

So do you want the real thing, or do you want the essence of the style?

The actual vintage dress will stand out as completely unique. Its rarity will give it an allure and appeal all its own.

A vintage style dress will nod to the past, but will also speak to your ability to appreciate heritage and still look to the present and future.


It may not be easy to find a genuine vintage gown in excellent shape, in your size, or in the precise style you envision. Depending on the age and condition, the delicate fabric and threads may need reinforcing before they can stand up to the rigors of another wedding day.

Vintage inspired gowns are readily available through your bridal store. You will have no trouble finding a dress that hearkens back to the era you desire and it can be tailored to fit perfectly.


If you’re wearing your grandmother’s gown, you will feel a deep connection to her and to all the women in your family. Even if you are wearing a gown from a stranger, the knowledge that you are feeling and thinking very similar thoughts to the original owner gives the dress a unique emotional appeal.

On the other hand, you may prefer to have a dress that is worn by you and you alone, giving it your personal stamp and creating your own special history from this moment on.

Whether you choose the vintage or vintage-inspired, the gown you wear should make you feel perfectly special.