Bride’s Guide to Inner Peace When Choosing a Wedding Dress

You know that you are in the right bridal boutique when you are welcomed by a helpful staff and the dress selections can meet a range of tastes. While it is sometimes tempting to look for a dress that is in step with current trends, it is important to remember that your dress should make a statement that is about your unique style. Here are the three things that should be on your checklist as you make your decision.

Does it flatter your figure?

The one thing that a bride is sometimes not willing to admit to herself is the fact that a dress may not look the same on her body as it does on the model or mannequin. Remember, the models are in place to sell the dress, but you still need to consider your own body type.

Even if the dress is popular in the current wedding season, try it on. Get the opinions of people who love you and whom you trust to be honest about how the dress looks on you. Think of the other clothing in your wardrobe and remember the silhouettes and styles that are tested and flatter you.

Does it make you feel pretty?

There is another layer of flattery that comes with choosing your wedding dress. You have to ask yourself how the dress makes you feel. Even if you find something that honors your body frame, you should walk around in the dress and see what it inspires within you. What you are shooting for is elegance, something that makes you shine from the inside out.

Some dresses that are full of beading, for example, are too heavy. Brides spend more time trying to maneuver the weight of the dress that they do just being happy on their special day. You should feel as if you deserve all the compliments that will come about the dress. That means wearing something light and gorgeous that you can move around in, since you will be the center of attention for the whole room.

Will it give you no regrets?

There are so many bride stories about women who have regretted their choice of wedding gown. This is not something that has to be. One of the first things to ensure you have no regrets is to pick a dress that is within your true budget range. If you spend over the budget for your dress, it may mean that other areas of your wedding plan will have to suffer or be sacrificed, or worse, you will feel the financial impact of buying the dress long after the wedding is over.

You should also make sure you are choosing the dress that you genuinely want and not the one that your mother, groom or best friend would like to see you wearing. Your dress should satisfy your comfort zone and no one else’s.