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Selecting Perfect Winter Wedding Dresses

Getting married in the winter can add extra challenges to selecting the right wedding dress. Some dresses with spaghetti straps are ideal for summer weddings, but these wedding dresses may not be warm enough for a winter wedding. The same goes for dresses made with short sleeves and lightweight fabric. When you go to bridal stores in Columbus, Ohio following these tips can help you select the perfect dress for your winter wedding.

Select Warm Fabrics

Chiffon and other lightweight fabrics are ideal for summer weddings, but you need a dress made from material that the air cannot pass through easily for a winter wedding. Velvet, silk mikado, moire, gabardine and wool are ideal choices that will help you to stay warm.

Go for Long-sleeve Wedding Dresses

When shopping at bridal boutiques, selecting a long-sleeve dress is a great idea for winter weddings. Consider designer wedding dresses that have Juliet sleeves if you want a dress with a vintage flair. Bell sleeves are another popular option as they flair out at the bottom, which often looks especially attractive when carrying a winter wedding bouquet. Some of the best wedding dress designers also incorporate beautiful raglan sleeves on minimalistic dresses.

Choose Long Dresses

Long dresses are perfect for a winter wedding because they will keep your legs warmer. You may want to avoid those touching the ground if you plan to take wedding photos or participate in other outdoor activities because they can become a soggy mess. The same goes for dresses with a long train that might drag through the snow. Therefore, if you want a dress with a train, consider a short one.

Opt for Layered Wedding Dresses

Dresses with layers are perfect for winter weddings. You may want to choose a dress with a large hoop skirt so that you can wear a heavy slip underneath. Even dresses with a lace or tulle overlay are warmer than those without. There are also many beautiful options that you can use to add layers to the top of a dress, such as a furry shawl, a texture shrug, a cozy poncho or a flowing cape. While some brides choose to stick to white options, this can also be an ideal place to add a pop of color, such as a green holiday one if your wedding is near the winter holidays or a red one if your wedding is near Valentine’s Day.

Pick Out Dresses With High Necklines

Dresses with low necklines are perfect for summer weddings, but when the cold winter wind blows, you do not want it getting under your dress at the top. Therefore, you should choose a dress with a high neckline. You will also want to select a dress without cutouts at the top as these openings can let the cold wind in.

Add Drama to Your Dress

Many women remember dreaming as young girls about wearing a wedding dress with a long slit, elaborate train and plunging neckline. While those are not good ideas for a winter wedding dress, you can still add drama to it to make it look extra special. One possibility is to choose a wedding dress with lots of ruffles. Another choice is to add embellishments, such as feathers, to your dress. You may also want to consider dresses with beautiful lace overlays. You may even be able to find dresses with holiday cutouts on them. Alternatively, consider adding sequins, small pearl buttons or crystal beading to your wedding dress as they will reflect nearby candlelight beautifully, and the candles will help you feel a little warmer.

Handpick Winter Accessories

Do not be afraid to accessorize your wedding dress. For example, you can wear earmuffs with an embroidered message or design on them. You may also want to consider knitted gloves that match your wedding dress. Wearing winter boots with your wedding dress will help keep your feet warmer. Additionally, consider wearing a hat if you are going to spend time outdoors.

Select a Second Dress

Many brides getting married in the winter select two designer wedding dresses. They choose one for when they will be outdoors and a second wedding dress for when they will be indoors. This option makes sense because many venues can get very warm. Therefore, dressing for the weather may make you uncomfortable when the festivity moves indoors. This also allows brides with their hearts set on a spaghetti-strap wedding dress to wear the dress of their dreams on their big day and stay comfortable.

Add Color to Your Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress that is all white may not be the smartest move in the winter because you may blend into snowy backgrounds. Therefore, consider adding color to your wedding ensemble. You may want to choose a gown in a different color or opt for a gown from the best wedding dress designers that is off-white. Alternatively, consider adding some beautiful, embroidered flowers, such as red poinsettias or pink tulips.

Choosing a winter wedding dress does not have to be difficult when you follow these tips. You are likely to find the largest selection of winter wedding dresses in the fall in bridal stores in Columbus, so try to shop early. Trust the store’s consultants to show you the dresses they think will be ideal for you. When shopping, wear the shoes or boots you are likely to wear during your ceremony. Bring along a friend or two so that they can give you their honest opinion. Make an appointment before shopping.