Criteria to Follow When Choosing Beach Wedding Dresses

If you are planning a Great Lakes beach wedding or a destination beach wedding in the Bahamas, Hawaii, Jamaica or some other exotic location, keeping some tips in mind will help you select the right wedding dress. Many different designer wedding dresses are available, so it is easy to get confused. Considering some tips will help you choose the perfect option.

Stick With a Simple Skirt

When shopping for a wedding dress in Columbus, you will see options with different types of skirts. Sticking with an A-line, pleated or simple flared skirt is ideal because they are easier to walk in and walking in the sand can be challenging.

Avoid Skirts with Intricate Designs

When shopping for a wedding dress in Columbus, you will also see skirts with intricate beadwork or lace patterns. The sand may be blowing during your ceremony, so the sand may get caught in these beautiful designs. Therefore, you will want to select a wedding dress with a plain skirt. Instead, opt for one that has beadwork, lace details or other design features on the bodice, around the neck or the neckline because it is doubtful that sand will blow that high.

Choose the Right Length Wedding Dress

You will want to avoid short wedding dresses, especially those made of lightweight fabric, as they may blow up in the wind. Simultaneously, avoid very long wedding gowns that will drag in the sand. Most brides opt for a gown that comes about halfway down on the shoes in the back, although you may prefer dresses that end at your ankles or are tea-length.

Select Wrinkle-free Fabrics

Brides shopping for a beach wedding dress in Columbus must often travel to have their dream beach wedding. Therefore, choosing a wedding dress that will not wrinkle easily is essential. Silk and chiffon can be terrific options but avoid cotton and linens because they wrinkle easily.

Pick a Dress That Travels Well

When choosing a wedding dress, be sure that it packs well. Options that stay close to your body pack easier than those where you must wear a large hoop skirt. Choosing dresses made of lightweight fabric means that the dress will weigh less, which may be an essential consideration if you are flying. Additionally, the more bling on the dress, the more it will weigh.

Consider Your Surroundings

If you have visited different beaches, you know each one has a unique vibe, and your wedding dress should match that ambiance. For example, if you are getting married on a rustic beach, a dress with a Bohemian feel may be the ideal choice, but if you are getting married on a Seychelles beach or another exotic location, you will want to select a much more elaborate wedding dress.

Contemplate the Lighting

Wedding dress boutique lighting is different than natural lighting found at a beach. For example, you will notice more yellow in wedding dresses under artificial light than when viewing the same dress outside. The reason is that the sun provides a broader spectrum of visible colors than artificial lighting. Therefore, it is essential to view your wedding dress outside. If you cannot take the dress outside, ask if they have a fabric swatch and take it to the beach. You will also want to consider how the dress will look with the water, rocks and driftwood nearby.

Think About the Temperature

The temperature at the beach is likely to be about 10 degrees cooler than in a nearby urban area. Therefore, you will want to consider what the temperature is expected to be when you get married because you do not want to be cold on your wedding day. Generally, wedding dresses made of thicker fabric will be warmer than those made from thinner material. You should also consider how much bare skin shows as there will be nothing to stop the sea breezes from hitting your skin directly. Choosing a wedding dress with long sleeves will help you stay warmer.

Skip Wedding Dresses With Trains

The train is a longer piece of fabric that comes off the back bottom of some wedding dresses. While it can be a beautiful addition to many designer wedding dresses, you will want to skip this option because it will drag in the sand. In addition to getting filthy, it may also make it harder to walk on the sand as its weight dragging behind you may stop you from being able to move forward.

Contemplate Your Shoe Choice

Different wedding dresses look better with various shoe choices. Since you are holding your wedding on a beach, you will want to select a wedding dress that looks great with flat shoes or short chunky heels. Any wedding dress with too much bling will look too formal. Therefore, you should select a dress with a more informal vibe.

Think Durability

Due to its outdoor nature, a beach wedding requires a wedding dress that is more rugged than if you were holding your ceremony at an indoor venue. Therefore, you will want to shy away from anything that tears easily. For example, thin lace overlays may get caught on driftwood or rock and tear. Sticking to choices with simple designs made from more durable fabric is a great way to go. You can find options that will shine beautifully in the sun.

You will look stunning on your wedding day if you follow these tips. It is your day to shine in the sun, so choose a wedding dress you love. Even if something goes wrong, remember, at the end of the day, you will be married to your best friend.