designer wedding dresses

Older brides often have a hard time finding wedding dresses because they do not want traditional designs. You still have many options, including simpler designs and suits.

Top Wedding Dress Options for Older Brides

The average age of couples marrying in the United States is now around the early 30s, but you may be even older when you start planning your wedding. Whether this is your first wedding, or you are a divorced woman, you can still find dresses and outfits that are perfect and will make you look stunning on your big day.

Go Beyond White

White is the traditional color for a wedding dress because it symbolizes purity and chastity. As an older woman getting ready to exchange vows, look beyond traditional white dresses. Brides of an older age often shop for dresses that are similar to white like off-white, eggshell and cream. Many of these wedding dresses feature fewer accents and embellishments too. The look is more muted and toned down but will still help you look great on your special day.

Skip the Dress

As they look for a designer wedding dress, Columbus brides sometimes decide to skip the dress altogether. Instead of wearing a large dress with a low neckline, a big skirt and many embellishments, they keep things simple with an elegant pantsuit. Pantsuits now come in a variety of options that are perfect for weddings. You might like the look of a tailored pantsuit that comes with a long pair of pants and a matching jacket. Some older brides also love suits that feature a skirt that falls to the knee. If you really want to stand out, choose a suit in a completely different color like baby blue or lemon yellow.

Feel Comfortable on Your Special Day

Your wedding day is your special day, and you deserve to feel completely comfortable during the ceremony and beyond. Older brides like yourself often skip the big traditional white dress in favor of something a little simpler that still fits them perfectly. Try looking for wedding dresses in colors other than white or pantsuits in more traditional or unexpected colors.