How Curvy Brides Can Look Fabulous on Their Big Day

These days, the average American woman is a size 12. While it’s hard enough for curvy women to find everyday clothes, finding a wedding dress can turn into quite the adventure. However, by following the tips found in this article, you can find the perfect wedding gown for your perfect wedding day.

How to Find Curvy Wedding Dresses

Before you start visiting bridal stores in Columbus, you will need to learn about the labels that cater specifically to curvy brides. You’ll want to look for curve-friendly wedding dress labels as the dress proportions, the size of the bust cups, and the corsetry will act better for curvier figures.

Do not alter dresses meant for thinner brides as the gown proportions will not fit well on a curvier woman. You don’t want to get any surprises when you get your dress, so only try on wedding dresses that are close to your size.

Selecting Dresses and Underwear

To strengthen your chances of finding a dress that you will love, visit bridal boutiques that stock wedding dresses for curvy brides. In this day and age, many wedding dress stores cater to brides of all sizes, so you can walk into a boutique in your area and find gowns that are close to your size.

Before you try on your very first wedding dress, make sure that you have on the proper underwear. When you go dress shopping, have control briefs and a good-fitting bra on under your clothes. Many of the more well-known curvy wedding dress designers outfit their dresses with snug but comfortable corsetry. But having the proper underwear on when you try on dresses will make the gown selection process a lot easier.

The Type of Dresses That Curvy Brides Should Consider

Most wedding dresses designed for the full-sized woman will look good on curvier brides. Shorter brides should look for A-line gowns as this allow them to appear taller. Taller brides can go for fishtail gowns. Women with nice shoulders should wear wedding dresses that show them off. A-line dresses with embellishments on the waist will flatter most curvy brides.