The Best Short Wedding Dresses in Columbus

If you don’t feel like going down the traditional path for your wedding, you don’t have to. Saying “I do” in a short wedding dress can be fun and unique. Here are some of the best short wedding dresses in Columbus if you’re looking to make an urban, flirty statement.

Midi-Skater Dress

Looking for a dress that hits right below the knee? The midi-skater dress is both sophisticated and elegant, and you get to show off your legs. You don’t have to worry about getting your hem caught on stones or debris, either. Pair it with beautiful high-heel shoes for a perfect city elopement.

For a midi-skater dress that accentuates your curves, find a fitted dress. Prefer something a little more whimsical? A flared skirt gives you volume. You can have one custom-made by the best wedding dress designers here in Columbus.

What’s great about these midi-skater dresses, too, is their versatility. You can go straight from a dressed-up and formal elopement to an all-night celebration at a club in Columbus. Just swap out your shoes and jewelry and you’re ready to hit the town.

Besides the versatility, there are also fabric options. Bridal boutiques offer feminine lace, gorgeous satin, and even chiffon. If you’re going for romantic, delicate lace is the perfect choice. Want something bolder? Pick a vibrant print. You can discuss your options with bridal stores in Columbus. The possibilities are endless.

The Mini Dress

Make a bold statement and show off your legs with a mini dress. They hit above the knee and are perfect if you want something flirty and modern. You’ll make heads turn with a unique look that defies tradition. You can also head straight to a nightclub afterward without feeling out of place in a traditional wedding gown. This is one of the best reasons to go with a mini dress on your wedding day. You can effortlessly transition from the wedding to a celebration. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic dinner, a wild night out on a dance floor, or something impromptu at a trendy city location. With your mini-dress, you’re all set.

Yes, length is important. But, a wedding mini-dress is also about showing off your style. You can aim for sleek, playful, sophisticated, or even whimsical. Want a bold print to turn heads? Bridal boutiques in Columbus can design just that. You can also go with delicate lace, sophisticated satin, and more.

You can also have fun accessorizing your mini-dress. You can pair it with understated jewelry and shoes or choose brightly colored heels and jewelry to add flashes of color. Your mini-dress should be about showing off your style.

The Tea-Length Dress

For something vintage with a little bit of history, choose a tea-length dress. These dresses end two to three inches above the ankle. The tea-length dress was the type of dress worn to high tea in the 1920s. This gorgeous style won’t feel like a gown, but it will still carry the air of sophistication that you want for a wedding. It’s the perfect balance between a traditional wedding dress and a dress that’s a little more modern.

The tea-length dress also packs a lot of history with it. Originally, known as the tea gown,

it dates back to the 18th century in Europe. You can choose to have a dress that’s a nod back to its beginnings, or you can create a timeless piece that reflects your style. Combine old-world glamour with a touch of the city for the perfect city elopement.

Tea-length dresses are also surprisingly versatile. You can transition from a traditional wedding to a romantic night out on the town. Go from a picturesque park wedding to a trendy country club in the evening. The tea-length dress can easily hold its own.

The Tulle Dress

If fun and whimsical is what you prefer, then the tulle dress is a perfect choice. You’ll get a bit of volume and a flirty style, all wrapped into one. The tulle dress can come with a gorgeous layer effect, and because it’s a short dress, you’ll be able to easily move through the city streets.

Tulle dresses stand out because of their airy look and bounce every time you move. The dress will seem to swirl around you, creating a romantic and ethereal feel. You can also get tulle wedding dresses in a variety of styles. There’s a flowy A-line silhouette or the classic flared skirt.

Tulle dresses can come in different fabrics, too. Layers of lace can add a vintage elegance while sequences can give a flash of eye-catching sophistication. With the volume of tulle dresses, you can create something truly unique.

Short Wrap Wedding Dress

For a more unique take on a wedding dress, there’s the short wrap wedding dress. This is all about fusing beauty and comfort. The wrap dress lets you move freely, so you don’t feel constricted. Want to hop on a motorcycle after your city elopement? The wrap dress will let you do that!

You can also add a layer of creativity to your wrap dress with fabric. Try flowing chiffon or a bold, colorful print. Even lace is an option. Pick a material that reflects the weather. If it’s a summer wedding, there are wedding dresses in Columbus that are light and airy. If it’s a winter wedding, pick something heavier.

Short Wedding Dresses in Columbus

Remember, it’s important to pick a wedding dress that’s uniquely you. Whether you choose a fitted dress, one that’s made of lace, or a dress that’s bold and daring, embrace the style you love for your special day!

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