How to Accessorize Your Wedding Gown

The wedding dress that is worn by the bride is one of the main parts of any wedding and is often the focal point of the ceremony. Once you’ve found your dream gown, it’s important to find the right jewelry items to wear to accessorize your look. Whether you have an elegant or a boho style, there are a few accessories to wear on your wedding day to look your best.

Start With a Necklace

The necklace is one of the most common types of jewelry items to wear when walking down the aisle to avoid looking bare. The style of the wedding gown will determine the type of necklace that is worn. If you have a plunging or low neckline, you can choose a longer necklace for a proper balance. Longer necklaces are also ideal if you’re wearing a strapless dress. A shorter pearl necklace may be ideal for classy dresses that have a minimal amount of embellishment.

Match Your Metals

Many people don’t realize that certain metals look better with dresses. Ivory pairs well with gold or rose gold metals. Pure white dresses look beautiful with silver jewelry pieces or pearl details. In most cases, gold clashes and doesn’t look as stunning with pure white gowns. If there’s beadwork that is present on the gown, allow the beads to dictate the type of metal that is used on your necklace and bracelet.

End With the Veil

Veils continue to be popular and in style after hundreds of years due to the elegance of the item. There are many different styles of veils, which should complement your hairstyle and the dress’ design. Short veils that are attached to a small hat and have a modern look pair well with short dresses that are less formal. If your dress has a long train, consider a veil that is several feet long and will complement the gown. Practice wearing the veil at the bridal boutique to ensure that it offers plenty of mobility.