Five Personalized Touches to Add to Your Wedding Dress

Planning your dream wedding will often start by finding the right wedding dress. However, what most soon to be brides find out when they do finally find their dream gown is that it’s often a little too plain. A great way to add meaning to your dress and be unique at the same time is to add a personal touch. Thus, the following list includes five ways you can accomplish this and make your big day that much more memorable.

Custom Veil

In order to have a personalized dress, it doesn’t only have to include one of the best wedding dresses in Columbus but the whole outfit. A great way to really make your dress pop with your own personal touch is to have a unique and custom veil. By utilizing tulle material, you can do almost anything with your veil. Tulle is a great-looking material that looks very much like your traditional veil but can be shaped into any design you like due to its stiffness.

Necklace Alternatives

If you’re looking to add accessories to your wedding dress, you might have already thought about a necklace. However, this has been done time and time again, and if the necklace has no particular meaning, it can be rather plain-looking. A great necklace option is not jewelry but a ribbon. A ribbon can really give that white dress a nice pop of color and truly make you stand out.

Add the Past

A great way to add a personal touch to your gown as well as introduce something and something borrowed to your day is to intertwine an old and new dress. The old dress can be from someone who’s important in your life, such as your mother or grandmother, to name a few. Add parts of their dress to yours, such as the lining or even the veil. This will no doubt make your dress that much more meaningful.

Wedding Gown Corset

Often times soon-to-be brides will have to compromise on the fit, style, or price of a gown. However, there is something you can do to get the look you want without having to shell out extra cash. A great way to add a personal touch is to add a corset of your choosing. A corset can instantly change the look of a wedding dress and provides you with the opportunity to choose your favorite design.

Personalized Dress Color

Over the past few years, we have seen a rising trend of brides not using white as their wedding dress color. It seems at the moment that the reason for this type of decision is based on their personal beliefs and not a collective message. Nevertheless, the overall message is still self-expression, and if you’re someone who strongly believes in this, then choosing a different wedding dress color other than white can be your answer.