The Most Striking Wedding Dress Silhouettes

One of the most important things every soon to be bride thinks about is finding her perfect dress. There are so many different styles and shapes to go with that the task may seem overwhelming for some. Looking at some of the more popular wedding dress silhouettes may be a decent place to start. Once you decide the outline of your dress, the other details like fabrics and design shouldn’t be too far behind. Check out the bridal stores in Columbus to start your journey to finding the perfect dress.

A Bigger Ball Gown Is Better

When every little girl dreams of her big day, a fabulous big princess ball gown is most likely the style of dress that comes to mind. A beautiful silhouette indeed, this large and in charge style of dress is experiencing a resurgence in popularity at the moment. It seems like brides are returning to this silhouette due to the many designers that have now put a modern spin on the classic ball gown. The ball gown silhouette is perfect for brides who want to feel like royalty or be fairy tale ready on their wedding day.

Make Way for Mermaid

For a sexier look, many women turned towards a bold and beautiful mermaid silhouette. A mermaid dress contours your body from your chest down to your knee and then flares out to the hem. This popular style accentuates every portion of the body and can suit both tall and short women. Due to the fit being so figure-hugging, this style of dress is for brides who are confident and comfortable with having their curves on display.

A1 in an A-Line

A traditional A-line gown is a style that seems to never fade out of style. This timeless classic is fitted at the chest and flows outward down to the floor, resembling the outline of the letter ‘A.’ Although an A-line dress might be more traditional, it does not have to be boring. Many design touches can amp up this simple silhouette. This style of dress is extremely versatile and is known for suiting many body types. It is excellent for creating the illusion of curves or even toning curves down if that is what the bride desires.