10 Timeless Designer Wedding Dress Styles

It’s safe to say that planning a wedding is one of the most complex yet exciting times in a person’s life. One of the most difficult parts of it that you’ll undoubtedly have issues with is choosing a designer wedding dress for your big day. As the bride, you understand that your wedding pictures are going to be shared on social media and even framed for your new home, and thus you want to make sure that your wedding dress is going to look timeless. The following includes 10 of the most timeless wedding dress styles that you can choose for your big day.

1. The Fairytale Designer Wedding Dress

As the saying goes, every little girl dreams about her fairy tale wedding. But to have that fairy tale wedding, you first need to choose your fairy tale wedding dress. Fortunately, this type of designer wedding dress does actually exist and is one of the most timeless looks on this list. This designer wedding dress is often made out of eccentric yet beautiful lace appliqués. In addition, and perhaps what gives it that fairytale look is the long and beautiful court train that this dress offers brides. The good news is that this type of dress is easily reachable for most brides as it can be found everywhere, from your traditional bridal shop to some of the best wedding dress designers.

2. The Mermaid Gown

As one of the most controversial picks on this list, the mermaid wedding dress is one of those that some may not often turn to right away but is often chosen at the end. This is because, at first glance, this dress can seem a little odd. The dress is tight-fitting on the top, which actually runs down to about halfway to your thighs. If you’re on the curvy side, this dress is a great way to not only show them off but achieve that hourglass shape that many brides strive to achieve. So, if you think you can rock this look, a mermaid wedding dress may be the best route for you.

3. Strapless Wedding Dress

Looking to have a summer wedding but don’t want to pass out from heat exhaustion? A strapless wedding dress may be your best bet. This timeless look provides brides with enough to allow them to breathe and feel comfortable without having to sacrifice style. Time and time again, this dress has shown that not only is it a popular look to go with but one that has continued to be chosen for decades.

4. Sheath Wedding Dress

Brides on the petite side can tell you that finding a wedding dress for their body type is often impossible to do. They can’t go too big because it’ll look like the dress is swallowing them whole, and they can’t go too small as it may seem like any other dress. For years, petite women have turned to sheath wedding dresses as the answer to their problem. Create this formfitting style with just about any type of material. It provides brides with a plethora of customization abilities.

5. Backless Wedding Dress

Sometimes, going too simple may not be the best of choices. However, you also may not want something too out there. This is where the backless wedding dress comes into play. This dress provides brides with a simple silhouette with the added feature of being backless. Because of a lack of details, the style allows brides to have a dress that is going to be trendy for years to come.

6. Trumpet Dress

Earlier, we spoke about how great the mermaid style would look on a bride, but we also understand that some brides may want a little extra room to move around. The trumpet wedding dress is the answer to that. This design allows you to have the best of both worlds with the dress sporting a trumpet silhouette (similar to the mermaid look) but with a little more room at the bottom.

7. The A-Line Wedding Dress

Maybe you don’t want that dramatic fairy tale wedding style nor too simple of a look that comes with a backless dress. A great middle-ground dress for brides to considers the A-line dress style. The A-line allows you to make it as simple or as stylish as you want. It sports enough room so you can dance away and enough space to include beads, flowers, and other lace appliqués.

8. The Column Wedding Dress

Looking to turn some heads? The column wedding dress is a great option for that. This style of dress is very similar to the sheath dress but without too many layers to it. As the name suggests, its goal is to look like a column draping down your body. Although column dresses come in a variety of styles, the most popular look involves a cut-off at the top and falls down the legs to create a narrow and structured look.

9. Fit and Flare Wedding Dress

If you’re more on the athletic side, you may notice that some dresses are not the most flattering. This is where the fit and flare wedding dress comes into play. The dress is tight-fitting around the body and flares at the bottom and within certain places of your body. The dress is highly recommended by brides because of its timeless look and comfort of use.

10. The Asymmetric Gown

Want to look like a Roman goddess? The asymmetric gown is a great option to achieve that look. The dress is simple yet extremely elegant, with a strap on one shoulder that drapes across the bustline. In addition, the dress allows you to walk comfortably without being too loose around your body. Lastly, this type of dress is a great option for those who want to put as much or as little style to their dress. When it comes to timeless dresses, the asymmetric gown is one of the most popular options.