Do you think about how you can incorporate your mother’s wedding gown into your wedding? Read on to discover three ways to wear your mother’s wedding gown at your wedding.

Three Ways of Wearing Your Mother’s Wedding Dress

So the big day is here. You are getting married! Are you thinking of wearing your mother’s wedding dress? Maybe it does not fit, the styles have changed, or the fabric has turned yellow. If you are thinking of a way to bring your mother’s gown back to life and incorporate it into your wedding, here are some ideas of how to do so. It is the ultimate gesture of a daughter to bring life back to her mother’s wedding dress. So read on if you are thinking of wearing your mom’s wedding dress.

Consider Wearing Your Mother’s Wedding Dress to the Rehearsal or the Reception

Are you thinking of wearing your mom’s wedding dress, but it does not blend well with your body or sense of style or has discolored? You might want to repurpose the gown and turn it into your rehearsal dinner dress. It can also be your reception gown. Repurposing an old gown for these reasons will make your mother feel special. It is one of the best gifts a bride can give her mother. Wearing your mom’s wedding dress seems natural. Mom will enjoy seeing you in her dress. It might make her tear up a little.

Turn It Into Your Flower Girl Dress

It might not be an option to wear your mom’s dress. If it is something you cannot physically do, you can turn the beautiful dress your mother wore for her wedding into the flower girl gown. At the bridal boutique, you might find someone who will repurpose mom’s gown into the flower girl dress. The gown will blend in well with your dress. Traditionally, the flower girl is supposed to be the only other female wearing white. Seeing her dress on the flower girl will make your mother smile and warm her heart.

You Can Also Incorporate the Gown Into Your Bouquet

Your bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets will look much more beautiful with pieces of cloth or lace from your mother’s gown wrapped around the stems. It is a gesture you can make if wearing your mom’s wedding gown is not an option. The bouquets will not be as beautiful without something white wrapped around them. The lace and fabric from your mom’s dress will be the finishing touches all the flowers need. It is a way of making your mom part of your wedding. You can consider other options as well.