3 Tips for Hosting a Period-Themed Wedding

Any wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so you owe it to yourself to make it something you can look back on fondly. Even so, how are you going to make your wedding stand out among all the others? There are plenty of routes you could go with to make this happen but one of the most impressive is a period wedding. Fun, fancy and filled with historical charm, what better way to say that this is a day to remember than calling back to the past? Try these three tips for hosting a period-themed wedding to make your special day all the more special.


The decor of a wedding always sets the tone. This is made even truer during a period wedding as period decorations tell those in attendance when you’re supposed to be. Deciding on the kind of decorations you want can go a long way in pinning down the theme of your wedding, whether it’s supposed to be a large affair or something more intimate, plus a ton of other things.


While everyone wants to look their best for a wedding, it’s also important to stay on theme in a period-themed wedding. As such, period costumes are an integral part of the day’s events. Coordinating with guests is crucial for pulling this off as even one person walking up in a normal tuxedo breaks the immersion. A custom wedding dress for the bride is also a must, so look for a service that will make a designer wedding dress in Columbus on theme early to get everything set early.


Food is probably the most crucial element in making a wedding enjoyable for everyone. For a period wedding, it can often be fun to match the food you’re serving to the theme, too. While some liberties might need to be taken for modern tastes, that fantasy of being transported back in time probably won’t seem so realistic if you’re all dining on modern snacks.