To make your pet a part of your wedding celebration, you can dress them up in cute pet wedding outfits.

Fun Ideas for Pet Wedding Outfits

On your big day, there is nothing more important than having all the most important people in your life there to celebrate with you, and that includes your best friend: your pet! As they have always been there for you, you don’t want to leave them out of your wedding celebration. So, to help your pet look their finest on your wedding day, we’ve put together some fun ideas for pet wedding outfits.

Formal Wear

If you have a pet that loves to dress up, then you can make them feel like an official member of the wedding party by designing them their own formal wear. A pet tuxedo for your dog can include a cute back tie and jacket or something more casual like just a fancy collar with a bowtie or other accessory. And for the lady pets, a cute dress can make them the perfect bridesmaid.

Flowers and Greenery

Some pets don’t enjoy getting dressed up, and for those best friends, you can decorate their collar with accents that match your wedding décor. Think about adding a little bit of greenery and leaves (non-toxic, of course) around their collar or even using your wedding flower to create a beautiful bouquet that can be worn around their neck. Just imagine: a full collar of white roses and pink accents or a natural style of green leaves and seeds. If you don’t want to use real flowers, you can always use fake elements.

Fancy Leash

For those pets who won’t stand for wearing anything at all, never fear, they can still get in on the celebration. You can decorate a leash with leaves, flowers, ribbons, and more and use that as their pet wedding adoration. This is an especially good option for those pets who like to bite and chew on things as well, as you can always switch to a normal leash, if need be.

Where to Find Pet Wedding Outfits

When searching for the perfect pet outfit or accessories for your wedding day, you don’t have don’t just turn to run-of-the-mill pet store or those expensive pet boutiques. Instead, you could consider asking a wedding dress designer or a bridal boutique to help you dress your pet. That way, you can be sure you will be getting something incredibly well made and stylish but it will also match your designer wedding dress in Columbus, too!