Brides who are planning to wear something-blue or want to add the color to their wedding theme can add a touch of blue to their dress, their accessories, or their wedding décor.

Wear Something-Blue With These Inventive Ideas

That old 19th century rhyme that goes “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” has become a wedding tradition for most brides who want to make sure they add a little luck and good vibes to their wedding day and also ward off the evil eye. The trouble, of course, that many brides face is that while adding something old, new, and borrowed is easy, that something blue can stump even the most creative, resourceful brides. If you’re planning your big day but haven’t come up with the perfect way to add that touch of blue into your own wedding ensemble, we’ve put together a few creative and modern ways you can add the perfect touch of blue.

Wedding Party

You can also incorporate something blue into your big day by having your wedding party be your something blue. A recent wedding trend is dusty blue bridesmaid dresses and accessories, which is a color that works for summer and winter weddings. And in the other sense of the word party, you can also add touches of blue to your table décor or wedding china.

A Blue-Touched Bouquet

Another creative way to add something blue into your wedding day to is to embrace the color and add it right to your bouquet. If it fits your theme, make your bouquet out of beautiful blue flowers, such as peonies, irises or blue-dyed roses. You can also add something blue in the form of a small broach or ribbon around your bouquet.

Something-Blue for Wedding Accessories

An easy and fun way to add that simple touch of blue to your wedding is by choosing subtle or bold accessories that feature the color. If you don’t want to overwhelm your wedding dress, you can choose a piece of jewelry, such as earrings, that have blue stones or can add a little bit of color to the bottom or interior parts of wedding heels.

For brides that want to go bold with the color blue, you can add a beautiful blue accessory in the form of a sash or fashionable cape with layers of sheer blue fabric. However, if blue just isn’t your color and you don’t care if anyone sees it as long as you know it’s there, then you can pick out some beautiful blue lingerie to wear under your designer wedding dress in Columbus.