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5 Tips to Wear Tea-Length Designer Wedding Dresses Perfectly

Choosing a beautifully unique option like a tea-length wedding dress is an excellent way to make a major bridal statement. However, it’s not just about the designer wedding dresses you choose. It’s primarily about the way you wear the dress. In preparation for your big day, consider five great tips to wear a tea-length wedding dress perfectly.

1. Consider the Season of the Location

Even though some people look at short wedding dresses as solely appropriate for summer weddings, tea-length wedding dresses can be worn at any point during the year. The key is to make sure the other attributes of the dress are seasonally appropriate and weather-conscious.

For a woman who’s preparing for a tropical destination wedding, there’s a rainy season to consider when you’re getting married in the Caribbean. A tea-length wedding dress works beautifully on the beach. Yet, it’s best to avoid a fabric that could easily get destroyed because of the wet, humid climate.

Additionally, if you’re getting married in a warmer climate, don’t focus solely on the designer wedding dress that you miss the fact that it’s made out of velvet. A velvet wedding dress will feel impossibly hot in warmer climates. If you’re looking for a wedding dress in Columbus Ohio because you’re holding a winter wedding there, a velvet tea-length wedding dress might look and feel opulent.

As you consider the details like the fabric of your wedding dress, it’ll be easier to get the look together as it pertains to accessories, hair and more. When you’re wearing a tea-length style wedding dress during the wintertime, consider layers underneath. This will help you maintain warmth.

Try a different neckline if you’re getting married in a warmer climate. Tea-length wedding dresses are typically defined by the length as they graze past the knee. The neckline of the wedding dress can be whatever you want. For women who loved collared necklines or a V-neckline, you can still incorporate those elements and maintain the style of a tea-length wedding dress. When you’re perusing through the rack of bridal shops Columbus, look for tea-length dresses with the necklines and details you want.

2. Play Up the Accessories with Tea-Length Designer Wedding Dresses

Tea-length designer wedding dresses can easily look like simple church dresses. While there’s nothing wrong with a simple church dress, it’s nice to add some more pizzazz since a wedding is a really special and momentous occasion. In order to add some more sparkle, add in some uniquely ornate accessories.

If you’re getting married during the colder months, add a classic fur shawl to your look. A chic pair of pantyhose can look really beautiful with your winter wedding look. If your wedding dress includes a cold shoulder, adorn your neck with a beautiful necklace to steal the show. When you’re wearing an updo for your wedding, consider the type of earrings you’ll wear in order to create a cohesive look.

One of the most popular wedding accessories is the bridal veil. Some brides opt to wear a bridal veil as it’s synonymous with tradition. If you’re wearing a tea-length dress, consider a shorter veil as a long one might clash with the dress’ shorter hemline. One option is the shorter veil that stops at an area like the shoulder or the waist.

When it comes to the bridal veil and a tea-length wedding dress, the most perfect option to try is the birdcage veil. It’s the perfect combination of classic and modern. It’s both sophisticated and chic. It’s easy to remove when you’re ready for the wedding reception. It’s also an easy solution to keep the bridal look as light and airy as the dress.

3. Prioritize Perfect Tailoring

When you’ve invested a considerable amount of money in a designer wedding dress, you might be tempted to leave it at factory standards for your dress size. However, take it up a notch by getting it perfectly tailored to fit your body. This is a once-in-a-lifetime outfit. You deserve a dress that looks as though it was made just for you.

A tea-length dress falls perfectly below the knees. If your tea-length dress seems a little too long, get a tailor to bring the hemline up. If you’d like for your dress to show off your well-defined waist in a more pronounced way, visit a tailor to get the waist taken in. These seemingly small details make a major difference when you’re wearing the dress and taking center stage at your wedding. As the belle of the ball, you deserve a show-stopping dress that fits perfectly in all of the right places.

4. Wear Show-Stopping Shoes

While many brides opt not to prioritize their shoes as an important component of their wedding look, brides with tea-length wedding dresses Columbus can’t afford to do that. This is because just as much as the dress is on display, the shoes are too. In fact, the shoes can typically steal the show based on the color and style you choose.

Knowing this, you can go in any direction with your shoes. If you want your shoes to be the pop of color in your wedding look, make your shoes the same color as your bridesmaids’ dresses. Another option to consider is a jewel-toned or bedazzled type of shoe. Many brides love to rock high-heeled shoes that are covered in Swarovski crystals. If you want to wear ballet flats, it’s an elegant yet comfortable option that can go well with a tea-length look. Get creative with the way you choose to incorporate your footwear. You can even keep the shoes formal for the wedding and transition to a more casual shoe for the reception as you wear the same dress.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

For the most part, tea-length wedding dresses fall outside of the traditional appeal. Typically, women love to wear long, cascading gowns. Even though tea-length dresses are outside of the custom, take it up a notch by adding a pop of color to your non-traditional look. When you’re wearing an A-line, tea-length dress, consider a slip that contains lots of tulle.

Another way to add color to your dress is through your jewelry. An accessory as major as your purse can make a difference. While most brides don’t typically carry their purses during the actual ceremony, you can have a fun purse to wear during the reception. Your bridal bouquet can also serve as your pop of color. If you want to take it all the way, you don’t have to wear a white dress on your wedding day. Choose off-white, taupe or cream for a wedding dress. In order to do a completely different type of look, try colors like green, black or gold. Have fun with the way you approach your incorporation of color into your tea-length wedding dress. Whether you choose to go subtle or gold, make it your own.

Concluding in Style

Though you might have a ton of moving parts to your big day, never put yourself on the back burner. The way you look and feel are so paramount to your ability to enjoy the day. By including these tips in the planning for your tea-length wedding dress moment, you’ll be more than prepared.