Four Unique Places To Tie The Knot

If you are looking for an unusual place to host a wedding, then there are several that you might want to think about. These destinations often call for unique wedding gowns to match the venue’s setting.

Private Island

A private island is a great place to host a wedding. Couples who love diving can invite all their friends to enjoy a private island retreat near the Great Barrier Reef. Alternatively, a luxury private resort in the Caribbean may be the perfect place to host a wedding. Regardless of what island you choose, you may want to consider a wedding dress that flows lightly in the ocean breeze.

Glamp Grounds

There are many opportunities in the United States to host a glamping wedding. For example, you may want to consider a New England treehouse or a horseback wedding in Wyoming with guests staying in luxurious teepees. Regardless of where you go glamping for your wedding, you may want to get a wedding dress appropriate for the activity.


You really can be a princess for your wedding when you get married to Prince Charming in a castle. There are more than 18 castles in America that might make the perfect spot or you might want to consider going overseas to countries like Wales, the British Isles or Germany. If you are hosting your wedding in a castle in a faraway land, then you might want to choose one that travels very well.


Caves can make a beautiful place to host a wedding. You can choose from caves that have been upgraded with many modern luxuries like the Umbria, Italy, cave that has its own stables and terraces or choose a more rustic one. You can even choose to get married in a cave in a national park. Regardless of which location you choose, consider a wedding dress that you can easily walk in as the flooring can be very slippery.

Regardless of your wedding venue, seek wedding dress choices at a bridal boutique for the best choices. The experts there will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect wedding gown.