4 Essential Tips to Choosing a Wedding Dress Alteration Seamstress

While many brides are lucky enough to find a dress in a boutique that fits them off the rack, other brides must have their dress altered. If you need to have dress alterations completed, then there are many different factors you will want to keep in mind. Here are some of the things that you will want to consider.

Leave Time

Brides should start wedding dress shopping at least 10 months ahead of time. This ensures that there is plenty of time for the dress to come in and to alter the dress if needed. Brides should make sure to keep all appointments with the boutique and the seamstress because missing appointments can greatly delay the process.

Remember Your Budget

If you are working on a tight budget, then remember to include the cost of alterations. The amount that you will be charged often depends on how complex the alterations are and how many fittings are included. Some shops charge a flat fee while others charge a separate fee for each thing that they do. Feel free to call around and ask about prices.

Wear Your Wedding Clothes

When you go to get your dress altered, then make sure to wear your wedding shoes. Additionally, if you are going to wear special undergarments, then wear those too. This allows the seamstress to see exactly what length of dress that you need and how far to take in seams.

Buy a Larger Dress

It is always easier to take in a dress than to let one out, so buy a larger size if there is a doubt. Additionally, it is easier to shorten a dress than to figure out how to add length to one. Some alteration shops will adjust cup size while others will not, so if you need this alteration done to your dress be sure to ask. A bridal boutique will be glad to recommend seamstresses to you who they have worked with in the past.